Nightly Beauty Routine?

I thought it would be interesting for us to share our nightly beauty routines so I’m going to start mine off. I’d love to know yours too. Will you share? Heres mine for the moment (it changes all the time).

I usually get home from work at around 9:30pm. Yes that late. I make myself a cup of Village Tea’s
Green Tea Photobucket You know this is loaded with antioxidants!

Sometimes I even pour myself a glass of wine (depends on how I’m feeling), sit in front of the tv for around 20 minutes and watch what’s on. After that I get up, shower, and then get ready for my night. I wash my face with my clarisonic, Photobucket

and current face wash. (I have way too many.) After that, I give myself a facial massage for around 5 minutes (De does not want wrinkles!). Then I apply my Jan Marini Vitamin C Skin Serum, Photobucketall over my face and neck and decolette, and then put some Rosbud salve on my lips. PhotobucketNow if I am going to wash my hair the next day, I take a dab of coconut oil, and give myself a 5 minute hair massage, if not, I just massage my scalp with my bare fingers. After that I tie my hair up, very close to my forehead (that’s how you can keep hair full of body and bounce) and then I grab korres Quince lotion Photobucket, and lotion my feet, (it’s summer got to make sure your feet are soft) then I put on some socks to keep the moisture. I then go to bed and fluff my pillows (both of them have silk pillowcases to keep the shine to my hair.) I then turn my tv on, and go to sleep. (I must must sleep with the tv on. I can’t sleep with it off. I can be in a deep sleep but if someone turns the tv off, I will wake up immediately like a ninja ready to fight.)

What’s your night time beauty routine?

Do you sleep with the tv on? Lol




Mel said...

Hey De! I shower, and then I I usually wash my face with a neutrogena cleanser, use toner, and finish with retinol A cream, and serum. I also use an eye cream from Aveda. I try to do a facial massage for a couple of minutes with Aveda beautifying oil. As for hair, I massage with a light oil from Jane Carter, and I wrap it with bobby pins and tie it down. I also nightly apply clear polish to hands on feet, to upkeep the mani and pedi :) That's it!
So tell me De, when do you find time to workout if you get home to late? Tips please! :)
Take care,

beautylogicblog said...

Hey darling, I work out in the mornings. I'm up at 5:30. I run for around 2 miles then head to the gym. I believe working out in the morning is best.

Sistastrong said...

First, I shower with Rose castile soap, and use Burt's Bees Milk and Honey Body Lotion After.
Then, I wash my face and neck with pepperment castile soap, which does wonders on oily skin.
Afterwards, I tone my face with witch hazel toner.
Finally, I use a very small amount of shea butter as a moisturizer on my face.
As for hands and feet, I use pure shea butter on them and then put on gloves and socks.
Hair-wise=Silk scarf it.
Good times! hehee

Charlene said...

DE, i love that bit about the tv on haha, i used to have to sleep with the radio on....but now,since being married, i don't and need complete darkness. Not even a bright light from the TV!! or alarm clock!!!
But, before bed, i use my revaleskin cleanser, then revaleskin moisturizer, sometimes i use my genefique, sometimes i use my st ives microdermabrasion(2x a week). How do you do the facial massage...i dont want wrinkles, but i do have pesky eye ones :(

justme said...

Hey. I usually shower first the body wash in question varies. getting my makeup off with clinique take the day off balm then put on olay sensitive foaming face wash. at the end of the shower i wash it all off with the clarisonic. i am currently using finacea at night for the face. i use shea butter for all other body parts.i must have on socks! i wrap my hair pulled back like its in a bun but without the holders. then i eat. make some sleepy time tea and sip it while reading a book. i usually fall asleep while an audiobook is playing on my ipod.

jordanmktg said...

-+Hi DE! I begin my nightime routine by taking off my eye makeup with Mary Kay Eyemakeup remover. I give myself a scalp massage with a dab of coconut oil, making sure to massage a bit on my ends. I wash my face with Timewise in the shower, then I shower with Dove's cucumber soap and follow it with La Perlier body milk in white almond. After my shower, I moisturize with Avon SS gelled body oil. I rub a vaseline/Eucerin mix on my feet and hop into bed.

Luxe Tips said...

Girl you are hilarious! If the TV is turned off you wake up like a Ninja?? Loves it!

My nightly routine is:

Put the kids to bed around 8pm. Then I blog, work, or check emails. I then wash my face with a current facial wash(like you I use many), apply Clean & Clear Toner for Sensitive Skin, apply Lumene's Excellent Deep Repairing Serum on face and neck, Apply Dior's HydraAction eyecream with SPF 20(this stuff is the bomb!), Pile my hair in a high ponytail on top of my head and secure with a scrunchy, then place a silk headband around the edges. This protects my hair and maintains the style. I then work some more and then sleep! I do need to up the scalp massages...slacking there! This was fun. Thanks DE!

BonafideLatina~ said...

Hey lady!!! Work and a recent getaway had me MIA from the web...glad to be back!

As for your question I cannot sleep w. TV on, I dont even have 1 in my bedroom! But I used to backin the day...I'm sure that when the Mr. and I move in together we will have to implement a 2nd tv in the bedroom b/c I need to make sure I can see my shows!!!
I love green tea too! But never heard of the brand you feature here, will add to my list :)

Serena said...

i've never known anyone to fall asleep with the tv on purposefully :P lol i usually can't get to sleep with it in the background but i can see how it could be interpreted as a sort of white noise.
thanks for the beauty routine tips :)

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