Sorry I”ve been so delayed in posting. It’s been an overwhelming week.
Michael Jackson is dead. God that makes me so sad. He was truly the soundtrack to my youth. It hit me hard yesterday when I went to the Apollo. The man was a legend, and it’s so amazing to me that so many people have been affected by his death. He touched everybody. I remember years ago my Dominican father who could barely speak English at the time singing Thriller. When I was a kid, I would wash my hair, and spend hours with moose trying to get it to curl like his. I owned a red pleather jacket and the skinny black pants, and those black/white shoes. I really thought I was him. God, his death was so unexpected.

What’s your favorite Michael Jackson song? Mine would have to be PYT!
What's your favorite Michael Jackson Memory?
Mine would be watching Thriller with my family and running from fear when that scary voice came on in the end.

We’ll miss you Micheal.




Charlene said...

oh DE,

I am right there with you on this honey! Truly this man's music cud define my childhood, wow, i used to wet the front of my hair so it could fall in my face all the time too...even now i look like him and hear it all the time..

My fave song I mean I have A LOT...but maybe The Lady Of My Life/You Are Not Alone

My fave memory: Michael Jackson in Concert in Romania(Bucharest) 1992 HBO Special...I was only 7, and i fell in love instantly..I LOVE YOU MJ, you will live on forever!

Gemini said...

I thought it was PYT also
but Rock with you has been in my head since his passing
RIP Mike

livelovethinkgolden said...

Ugh! It's so hard to choose just one! But, I would have to say my favorite is "Rock with You". My favorite MJ memory is when my dad was trying to teach my cousins and I how to moonwalk when we were little. MJ...gone to soon. RIP to the greatest to ever do it!

Mel said...

I'd have to go with Baby Be Mine or Human Nature or half of the songs on Bad. How about they're all my favorites! He will certainly be missed

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