Things that Make DE go HMMMM?


So apparently a new beauty trend is shaving off your eyebrows or bleaching them completely. When I think of that, I cringe! Do you know how long it took me to find a perfect eyebrow girl, who got my arch exactly the way I wanted it. Years!!!!!!! I would go to countless eyebrow spots around the city, and they would either thread them too thin, or screw my arch up, and then I’d have to spend months re-growing them. I hate when I have to regrow my brows because I end up looking all sloppy like I don’t care about them-the hair growth under the brow just doesn’t look cute. Anyway, after years of searching far and wide for an eyebrow expert I finally found this adorable Indian girl who’s no more than 14 and threads my brows exactly the way I like them. She’s all the way in Queens, but I”ll troop as far as Connecticut to see that little angel. And now they’re telling me that eyebrows aren’t cool. Lol, that’s one trend, I’ll never follow. Tell me, will you be shaving or bleaching your eyebrows? Are trends even that serious to you? They’re really not for me, I’ve been wearing skinny jeans for over 10 years, even when they weren’t cool. It’s what I like! Not what’s in style! What are your thoughts about no eyebrows?




BeautyXChangeGirl ......... said...

DE, this is a trend that I definitely will not be following LOL. I love my eyebrows too much to shave them off! Plus, eye think our brows serve a purpose like protecting the eyes from moisture, such as sweat.

Tami said...

I still haven't found the perfect eyebrow person...ok not true. I have but I can't afford $50 each time he does them. So, maybe if I shave them off I won't have to worry about them, albeit I may look like I belong in a scifi movie.

Product Junkie Diva said...

hey DE
I say NO to the no eye brows
I don't do anything to my brows so I think I'll keep it that way....too much

Shoshoni said...

NO DEAL!!! I barely have brows, and I pencil them to make them look fuller. Won't be shaving them.Back in the day, my mom would remove hers completely and draw them she doesn't really have any at all!!!

kristy said...

Well it's not an actual trend per-se. It's a makeup artist technique called "blocked brows" where the brows are actually just disguised in thick concealing makeup as seen on Prada's Fall 2009 show. Basically its more of an avant garde technique done specifically for display and not intentionally meant for real-life wear. So basically, it's not a trend, just one of those crazy driven fashion phases.

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