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Photobucket (Make-up and photograph done by Troy Jensen)

I remember the first time I laid eyes on Kim Kardashian. All I remember thinking was wow, she’s gorgeous! Have you guys seen her new look? She’s a blonde now, and still looks smoking hot (not many people can pull that off!) Anyway, I recently got a chance to interview one of Kim's most treasured make-up artist, Troy Jensen. The man is a genius! Not only has he worked with Kim, but he’s also worked on beauties like JLO, Rachel Bilson, and gasp, Angelina Jolie! We asked Troy a few questions and he was very gracious about answering us. Thanks Troy. Your work is amazing!

1) How did you get started in the business?
I started as an artist drawing fashion magazine covers and my favorite actresses. Through my drawings I was told that i had an eye for beauty and was constantly told that I would be a great makeup artist. So when i got the opportunity to try it I was hooked. It brought my art and my love for beauty and women together.

2) How did you begin working with Kim Kardashian?
We were introduced by the Pussycat Dolls creater Robin Anton. Kim was looking for someone to shoot her Calendar. I though it would be a lot of fun. I did her hair, makeup, and photographed her. I created a 1960's bond girl look for her in the shoot. We bonded as friends and I have been photographing her, creating looks for magazines, and red carpet events ever since.

3) Are there any beauty products that Kim loves to use constantly?
Well, we are both obsessed Q-tips. We both use them before applying makeup to remove any left over makeup around the eyes. I then use them during application to apply highlighter to strategic areas in the face like, the high cheek bone, down the center of the nose, above the bow of the lip, and in the corner of the eye near the tear duct. I also use them to blend eyeliner and eyeshadows. I use Q-tips to help me guide the lash strip close to the eye line. I always put a few into Kim touch up bag to help touch up lip gloss around the mouth, and under the eyes.

4) Is there a particular look that you did for Kim that you love the most.
Above pic

5)What are some of the products you used to create her look?

For Kim's lips I used

Nars Jilted Love Lip Liner
(But he also suggests choosing a shade that matches your skin tone for an opaque look)

Nars Belle Du Jour Lipstick

Lip Gloss
(Matching the same creamy tone as the lipstick above with an amazing shiny coverage)

5) What are must haves in your make-up collection?
I really love my Benefit cream eye shadows. They are so easy to use and they don't crease like most cream eyeshadows can. I also love my shu eumera eyelash curler.

6) What is the best piece of beauty advice you can give us?

Every beauty look starts with two things, well groomed brows and beautiful skin. These are two things I feel all women should give a little more attention too and are area's that you may need to seek professional advice. An esthetician skilled in brow shaping and skin care. So many times i see women using the wrong moisturizer and eye cream. A skin care specialist can design a skin care program for them and shape there brows to look best with there features.

7) What do you think are some mistakes women make when putting on their makeup?
I get a lot of comments about foundation, whether it’s choosing the right foundation or how to apply it. First mix a touch of your foundation or moisturizer together in the palm of your hand. Blend the makeup into the palms of your hands then apply to the neck working upwards to the jawline, the cheeks, across the nose, and forehead.
Then rinse and dry your hands and blend well with a Q-tip. Once you have an all-over blended glow, apply a cream concealer to any area's that need a little more coverage, which are usually around the eyes, any redness in the skin or and blemishes. I like to apply concealer with one end of a Q-tip, and use the other to blend in. Lastly, I set the look with a loose powder.

Thanks Troy,




hi said...

He has a great blog! And I've seen youtube videos of him doing Kim's Makeup :) Everything from primer & concealer to eyemakeup.

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