Chit Chat with Jlo's Makeup artist Scott Barnes


When I think about J-lo, I never ever think about her movies. Although I do love her as an actress, I tend to think of her more as a make-up icon. I don’t think anyone was rocking nude shining lips before J-lo did it, and who could forget her fabulous glow. I remember when I first saw J-lo in person. It was about seven years ago. I was a seatfiller at the mtv music awards. She walked by me, and I remember looking at her and thinking, wow, this woman is flawless. Everything about her was perfect. I’m sure a lot of her looks is genetic, but the man responsible for the makeup is her long time makeup artist Scott Barnes. Scott was kind enough to chit chat with beautylogic, and he’s coming out with a new book in January. I’m so excited about it! Thanks Scott for answering some questions

1) You are known for being the man who gave jlo her amazing glow, what can we do to achieve the same glow?
Make sure to Use Body Bling. I made it easy to achieve that glow. ☺

2) How did you begin working with JLO?
We met at an Instyle shoot ten years ago.

3) What are your must have beauty products in your make-up bag?
Must haves are my Shu Uemera eyelash curler, mascara and a Maybelline black eye pencil.

4) What products do you think are universally flattering on all women?
All women can wear some Pinky peachy blushes and lip gloss with a slight lip tone

5) What beauty product do you think all women must have?
Moisturizer is very important. A great one is definitely La mer.

6) What is the best piece of beauty advice you can give us?
Why stop at the face when you can do the whole body.


Lipgloss is my Savior said...

Genetics and Flawless- not hardly and I am not a hater at all.

Please acknowledge the fact that JLO has had LOTS and LOTS of facial surgery throughout her career. The face she has now does not even REMOTELY resemble the face she had as a FLY GIRL or the face she was born with.

I enjoy all of the makeup and health tips but lets always keep it realistic regarding celebrities such as JLO and Kim Kardashian who have been "helped along" with the NEEDLE way more than they have been enhanced with COSMETICS.

Anonymous said...

An observant grown-up knows that a girl's face at 18 - Fly Girl years - has loads of baby-fat. Plastic surgery changes features. Jennifer's nose, lips and eyes are the same now as they were then. When you hit late twenties your real woman's face begins to appear without the pillowed look. If the girl won't take off her clothes for directors, she would hardly cut-up her face for a career.

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