My hair is my best buddy and friend. When no one else is around, I know she'll always be. (Alright I sound a little crazy) But you girls know how much I love and take care of her. Recently I got the chance to try a new product from a company called Profound Beauty. It's their Anti-Frizz Time out Treatment. I must say I loved this. After my stylist washing my hair, I applied a dab on, and she began to blow dry. This product claims that it has something called a hydrophobic complex which is supposed to mimic something in your hair called the F Layer. Apparently coloring, and other chemicals can lead to your hair's F layer being compromised, and you need your F-layer to prevent frizz. Anyway without getting into the logistics of this, this stuff works. First off, after using this, my hair was gleaming. Here's a pic.


Second: The night I went out with this, it was a very humid rainy day in New York. I was going to meet my fellow bloggers at this great party. Anyway, my hair did not frizz at all. Even a few bloggers were asking me what I was using. This stuff is FANTUBULAR (this little girl said that to me yesterday and I thought it was so cute). And stay tuned, I may just be doing a giveaway for a few of these.

Have you tried this stuff?




BonafideLatina~ said...

Loving your hair in this pic!!!!

This sounds like a great product...I usually set my hair in rollers and then blowdry a think this can be applied before setting the rollers???

Tami said...

I finally bought Korres Fig and it smells sooooo good! My skin is so dry so it doesn't keep me moisturized long but I haven't found anything that works yet. I love the smell so much that I am now a Korres fan plus I bought a set at TJMaxx including the shower jell, lotion and scrub for $7.99. You can't beat that.

Charlene said...

ur hair looks beautiful...looks like i need some of this in my life!!! i can never get my roots to just co-operate..they always frizz!

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