De's loving LLamasqua Fern Polish

Sorry that I haven't posted in a few days. Trying to take over the world is insane. I wanted to talk to you sugarplums about a nail polish that I'm loving by this company named LLamasqua. Cute Name. The brand is apparently just a year old, and is already made it's mark. They're already being sold in the Sephora in Times Square. (I think that's the biggest one in the world.) Anyway, I am addicted to their Fern nailpolish. It's a rich shade of sky blue, that I'm obsessed with. Here's the shade, (I'm wearing it today.)

Isn't it fabulous!

I normally don't wear blue to work, but for some reason I think this one is acceptable (or maybe I just want it to be.)

Loving this shade.

Do you like it?

What shades would you never wear to work?




Katrina Spencer said...

Loving this shade of blue! I have several different shades of blue that I wear all the time, but then again I work from home. Nobody is looking at my nails but me!

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