Do You Keep A Vision Board?

Photobucket one of the pics on my vision board.

Yesterday a girlfriend of mine came over my apartment. Usually I don't let anyone in Mr. DE's and my room because we're both pretty messy people.(Hey, De's not perfect :-)) but my room was neat this time, and I wanted to show her some dresses I had just bought from Zara (love that store!). Anyway when she walked in, I saw her staring intently at my vision board. She apparently had never seen one. If you don't know what a vision board is, let me explain. It's a board where you literally put pics of things that you envision for yourself in the future. Since I know that my dream is to be a reporter/Oprah (I'll do both)I have the above pic of me, and a pic of Oprah with her audience and my head over Oprah's. I also have pics of people that I will meet one day. (Notice I say "i will" not "i hope" because if you believe it will happen, it will.) A few years ago, I was told that I could never even step foot in the news business, that they were actually firing people and not hiring. DE listens to no one except her heart. I now work in the news business. Still behind the scenes, but just wait, I'm sure I'll be coming to a tv near you soon.

If you have doubts about yourself, I encourage you to start your vision board. Put things that you know will happen soon. Mine has pics of Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Jennifer Lopez. It has pics of me in various reporting stances. It has pics of the house I will buy my parents once I make it big. It has quotes that I live by. It's basically my dream on a board.

I hope you'll start one soon.

Let me know if you need help.




Luxe Tips said...

I know we are related! I too have a vision board! I put a picture of the luxury SUV I wanted to own and I now have it! I have the name of the school I want my kids to attend, I have a picture of the type of house I want, pics of my kids' rooms, and pictures of countries I want to visit. Also I have a deposit slip of how much $ I want to have in the bank! I am working hard on my goals! Thanks for sharing!

Ariceli said...

Must create vision board ASAP!!!
I do cut out things that are inspirational but I leave them all over the place- like my life right now. I will make my vision board and work everyday towards getting it together!

BonafideLatina~ said...

YES! Vision Boards are great. My first one was back in 2007...its very important!

I need to do a new one though.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Love that pic DE. Keep moving forward, each step will bring you closer to realizing your dreams.

justicefighter04 said...

Good post DE!! I'm going to do this too! Keep me focused when things seem like they aren't going as planned.


CC said...

YES, YES and YES I do create a vision board and it works. Let me tell you. I put up magazines I wanted to be published in. (I was assigned the article) I put up pics of how I wanted my "dwelling" to look, I kid you not there are some things on the board that look like my room! Even some relationships.... but my own mental state blocked that so I do believe in vision boards, I do them and believe in them.

Yay for manifestation!

Great post!


cv said...

Yes! Awesome idea. I made TWO vision boards – one for my office and one for home. I like use more of pictures and less words, except some ‘power’ words. I also ‘change the landscape’ of the boards from time-to-time to keep them fresh.

I like to think BIG, so I went for some sweet corkboards with custom frames on them that I picked out online at . I’m sure there are other places as well, but this place had good value for the coin spent.


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