Food For Beauty-Yogurt


Almost every morning, I try to run 2 miles. I love running. I always feel like a new person after a good run. Working out/running lifts your endorphins and makes you feel great. After my run, my body tends not to be too hungry, so every week, I make sure to pick up yogurt at my local whole foods because that’s what my body yearns for after a good run. I love yogurt, the creaminess, the taste. It's light but it also fills me up. I try to mix blueberries and flax seeds in my yogurt to boost it’s nutritional content, but yogurt itself is so fantastic for your beauty. Yogurt is loaded with probiotics which not only help you internally, but it also helps you externally. Probiotics are basically good bacteria that regulate your body’s yeast. This can help stop breakouts, and make your skin fabulous. I also love to apply yogurt as masque. The lactic acid in it acts almost as a slight peel, and it leaves my skin super soft.

I love it.

What are your favorite yogurts?




BonafideLatina~ said...

My fave yogurt is any brand but it has to be the light version but always Peach flavor!! SOOO GOOD!

I actually dont eat yogurt as much as I used to a while ago...maybe I'll add it to my routine :)


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