Jlo's Make Guru Scott Barnes, Body Bling & About Face


About twelve years ago, I remember watching a movie with Wesley snipes, Woody Harrelson, and Jennifer Lopez. I had never seen JLO before, but I remember thinking “Finally someone that resembles me.” This Latina Goddess has taken over the world since then, and now she is truly a household name. The person that is responsible for making her look her best at all times is her longtime makeup artist Scott Barnes.

Pic i took of Scott

We chit chatted with Scott on our site before and yesterday I watched him work his makeup magic on a young woman and I could clearly see why he’s been Jlo’s makeup artist for over 10 years. The man is a genius. The woman ended up looking so beautiful, that I couldn't stop staring at her. We can all learn some of Scott's secrets with his new book About Face. It comes out January 10, but we can pre-order now on amazon.com here


Also I got the chance to try Scott's Body Bling Platinum edition. First of all this left my skin so super shimmery, and golden, I couldn't stop staring at myself for a few minutes. I felt like my skin had morphed into a layer of gold. The scent of this is very pleasant and very light, and it won't rub off on clothes. I absolutely loved it.

Here's my leg after use.




PS, Scott now has a youtube channel where he's teaching us all his beauty secrets. Scott Barnes TV

Stay tuned next week for our interview with Vivica Fox about her beauty regime, and some great mineral foundation I just got a hold of and of course Hair. Maybe we'll do a new video too.


BonafideLatina~ said...

That's great DE!!! So cool you got to meet him!!! Can't wait for the Vivica interview :D

Vanessa S said...

Thanks for doing a review on the Body Bling. I have always been curious about this product.

Tami said...

I'm literally laughing out loud over here with you saying about 12 years ago you saw JLo and had never seen her before. Man I'm feeling pretty dated over here! I'm going back on over to Middlerageously! LOL

Jessica Teas (née Gearhart) said...

Thanks for the tip on the youtube station... starting to watch a ton of those. So helpful! And well done on the in-person interview with Vivica. The woman really does have flawless skin.

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