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We're starting something new here called The Man's Corner where my fiance recommends some products he uses. Now, my significant other is very meticulous about himself. Not that he’s worst than me, but he doesn’t play when it comes to looking good. (One of our first dates was at the gym.) I asked him if he wanted to contribute to the site, and he said sure. His first recommendation was his must have moisturizer Anthony Logistics for Men Oil Free Facial Lotion with Spf 15. He has very oily skin, and moisturizers usually tend to break him out, but since using this, he has no break outs and he loves how even after the day is over, his face isn’t greasy at all. This apparently has aloe vera and amino acids in it, which he says does wonders on his face. Also because he's a tan skinned cutie when he breaks out, he gets those unsightly dark marks, but since using this, his dark mars have diminished substantially. He says it's because of the spf15. He’s been using this for over 4 months, and says his skin thirst for this stuff. (Yes those were his words.) Needless to say, this is his staple moisturizer.

What does your honey use to keep his skin looking good?




Charlene said...

waiiit was he always ur Fiance??? Congrats on ur engagement hon!!!

Miss Pretty said...

Cetaphil face wash! It keeps his skin nice and smooth w/out dryness.

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