De's loving Mario Russo Miracle Styling Creme


So as you guys know, I’m addicted to TJ Maxx (well the one that just opened around my house.) I recently bought this Mario Russo Miracle Styling Crème for $3.99 (although it currently retails for $24.99.) All these amazing deals! Anyway, this stuff is fabulous. I applied it right before I started blow-drying my hair. It contains olive oil, aloe, and vitamin E three great ingredients for the hair. This is a pretty thick consistency, so you only need a small amount. After drying, I was left with super shiny, frizz free, and lustrous hair. I barely had cowlicks (which never happens when I blow dry my hair.) My hair looked absolutely beautiful!

Have you tried Mario Russo Miracle Styling Creme?

Are you addicted to TJ Maxx like me?




Charlene said...

This looks sooo good!

juvenescent said...

I've never heard of this, I will surely look out for it the next time I get brave enough to venture into the MAXX.

BonafideLatina~ said...

I went to the TJ Maxx over the weekend and you are so right that beauty sections is to die for!!!
I was trying to find the products you bought that you reviewed but I didn't remember what the products were!! But I did find some fly knee high boots for less than $100!!! I will just have to go back for the beauty stuff ;)


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