Drugstore products are no longer like they used to be. The quality has improved so much, and many of these products could be sold in high-end stores. So here’s our second installment of 5 drugstore products that could be sold in Sephora.

1) New Maybelline’s Superskin 24 hour Foundation

This foundation does really last 24 hours. How do I Know? One day after coming home from work, the last thing I was going to do was wash my makeup off. (I know, gross, but I worked 16 hours.) I woke up the next morning and it looked like I had just applied the foundation. My skin still looked flawless! My shade is caramel, an exact match to my skin. It’s gorgeous rich tan that doesn’t give me the fake made-up look, doesn’t leave my face greasy, doesn’t rub off on my clothes and just looks terrific. And it’s only $12.99

2) Milani 24 Hour Intense Eyeliner
I love this! It's claim, is that it last 24 hours. Does it? Sure does (I had this on that night I slept with my makeup on.) I use the blackest black and It applies like a dream and it doesn't smudge. DE loves this!

3) Maybelline Expert Wear Blush (New Formula) Potpourri

The first thing I noticed about this blush was how it looked a lot like my Nars Outlaw minus the shimmer. I applied Nars Outlaw to one cheek and this blush to another. On my face the colors were almost identical except Nars Outlaw contained more sparkles (and cost twenty bucks more.) The staying power of this was all day, and it left me with such a beautiful pink flush, I'm loving it and for $4.99 you should too.

4) Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara

Up until recently I hadn’t even tried many Rimmel products, but lately I’m noticing how much I like them. I really love their Glam eyes mascara. It leaves my lashes incredibly long, and it didn’t clump even after I applied two coats. And it’s so affordable.

5) Sally Hansen InstaDri Polish


I’m currently wearing Sally Hansen’s polish in Violet Voom. A gorgeous shimmery purple color. But here’s the thing, I’ve been rocking it for three days and it hasn’t chipped yet. These colors last super long, the shades are fierce, and they are so affordable. The only tricky thing about this is the application The brush is pretty thick, but once you master it, you’re good to go!


MakeupByRenRen said...

great post! i've been getting more into drugstore products lately too :)

Vanessa S said...

Thanks for the review on the Milani eyeliner. I am looking for an inexpensive eyeliner that lasts. I will check this out!!!

Phyllis Bourne said...

I've put that blush on my shopping list. LOL! Thanks to you, my cheeks always look amazing!

jai said...

I may have to check out Maybelline foundation and blush. I have given up on drugstore foundation because they only offer a limited amount of colors and none match me. I'm either too light too dark too olive....and I'm not mixing two different foundations together. Hopefully I can find something in my shade. Thanks for the review!

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