Hirsana Capsules & Giveaway to 5 Readers


As you guys know I’m all for internal beauty. Yeah I use topical products but it’s all about what you put in your body. As you get older, believe me, the years of smoking, drinking, and eating garbage will start to show up on your beautiful face. Recently I was introduced to Hirsana Millet Oil Capsules. Apparently Millet oil is known for it’s beauty benefits, and it took a swiss organic company twelve years to develop these pills. The capsules are loaded with millet oil which is rich in all of these ingredients:
• Essential Fatty Acids: Strengthen the skin’s barrier and regulate moisture content
• Vitamin E: serves as an antioxidant and protects against free radicals
• Vitamin B6: boosts metabolism
• Thiamin: promotes normal nervous system function
• Riboflavin: supports the formation of blood cells
• Pantothenic Acid: regulates the metabolic process for energy recovery
• Biotin: plays an important role in metabolic processes
• Zinc: supports the buildup of protein produced within the body

These ingredients are very important for improving your skin and hair health. You’re supposed to take two a day, but after three months one is enough. Anyway, I’m giving away 5 boxes of this to 5 lucky winners. Just send an e-mail to beautylogicblog@yahoo.com with the subject being “DE, I’m all for internal beauty”. Winner gets announced on Friday. For more info on hirsana visit: www.hirsanausa.com


Brianna said...

Hey! Do you know about the new Jergens contest? It's pretty sweet--You can win a modeling contract and a trip to New york!

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