Besides length, I think one of the biggest indicators of healthy hair is how shiny and lustrous it is. Here are some tips that I do to keep my hair shiny. Also, I'd like to add taking essential fatty acids will help with shine too, and decreasing use of alchohol based products will as well. Massage and Coconut Oil on hair works wonders too. I'd also like to say a disclaimer about this video. I was exhausted when I was doing it. I had just gotten home from a girls night out, and it was a little late. lol

If you don't want to watch the whole video, here are some tips.

1) Don't wash your hair more than twice a week
2) No sulfates
3) Sleep on a silk Pillow
4) Don't Rub Your Hair Dry With a Towel.

I need new background music for my vids. If you have any recs, please e-mail them over.

Share your tips on how you keep your hair shiny too.

Thanks for checking this out.




Marisol said...

Hi DE,
I always read your mentions on Coconut Oil, but i'm still confused as to how you use it. I already have oily hair and hair that is prone to build-up and dandruff. I could only imagine that putting any type of oil in my hair will only make it oiler especially daily. So doesnt the coco oil make your hair greasier? How often do you wash your hair, and do you blowdry right away or set it in rollers? Are you doing your hair yourself? Sorry I'm so confused.

I want to make this work for me, but my already-oily strands are making me weary.


beautylogicblog said...

I wash my hair once or the most twice a week. I use the coconut oil the day before I wash. I use very little, and massage my scalp with it, then use a small amount to put over my head. Sometimes I do my own hair, or sometimes I go to the salon and they do it for me. Usually I get a roller set but if I'm in a rush, Ill blowdry it wet. Thanks

Vanessa S said...

Hi keep my hair shiny, I use coconut oil as well, tie up my hair at night with a silk scarf and sleep on a silk pillowcase. It leaves my hair so soft.

Cinthia said...

what shampoo do you use??

beautylogicblog said...

Cinthia, I use Aubrey's Green Tea Shampoo for clarifying, if i don't need to much clarify, then I use thier Honeysuckle shampoo. Huge fan of Aubrey.

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