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Alright here’s our second installment of the Man’s Corner where Mr. DE recommends some products for your man. Mr DE is prone to breakouts. He works a very high octane job and works very hard. When we first met, his skin wasn’t in great condition. He’s a caramel colored man, and he absolutely hates when he breaks out because it leaves him with those horrid dark marks that take forever to go away. So he’s about prevention! What does he absolutely swear by that has changed his skin. (FYI I recommended ths to him when we were first dating, lol)


It’s Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil. He uses a cotton ball to apply this at night. He dilutes it with water because it is strong stuff and then he applies all over his face. It smells like death. I make him stays in the other room for about 10 minutes so the smell can subside, before he comes to bed because the smell is way too strong for me, but his skin is clear, and gorgeous and he rarely breaks out.

He loves this stuff!




Tami said...

I love tea tree oil. When I feel like my face is about to breakout or I start seeing small bumps I put tea tree oil on for a night or two and in the day and they are gone. Tea Tree is the best! I never thought about recommending it to my brother but thanks to you or Mr. DE...I will!

Julie Zhu said...

Is Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Antiseptic the same thing?

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