Hey mamas and papas. I’m back. I needed to redesign my site so I made it private for a few days. It’s almost done, but not quite. I didn’t want to stay logged out forever. I have so many reviews coming up. A new TJ Max opened around my house, and I swear it’s like a mecca for beauty products.

Anyway, in honor of my new layout, you know DE has to have a giveaway. I’m giving away one of my favorite products. The Mia Clarisonic.


Just send an e-mail to beautylogicblog@yahoo.com with the subject being “DE, I need that MiA” In the body of the e-mail, please input your address.

Winner gets announced next Friday.



Oh by the way the 5 Winners of Hirsana Giveaway are:

Nicole Johnson
Hil'Lesha Anderson
Wanda Garcia
Shadelle Griffin

Send your address within 2 days or we'll have to give this to someone else.
Oh by the way one of the winners of the Patricia Reynoso/Lancome giveaway did not come forward so e-mail address luv4cali20@aol.com picks it up. Luv4cali20 please send over your info within 3 days or i'll have to give this to someone else.




Product Junkie Diva said...

DE, I just screamed....I LOVE IT!!!!! your site looks great.

Miss Pretty said...

The site looks great an you do too!

BonafideLatina~ said...

welcome back!! love the new layout :)

OMG I have been meaning to go to that new TJ Maxx!!! I love that area! You are blessed to live in such cute chic NYC area :)

Can't wait til your upcoming reviews!

antithesis said...

welcome back. the new layout is cute!!! and thanks for this giveaway!

Nina said...

The site looks great!

livelovethinkgolden said...

HAHAHA! Your eye winks!!! LOVE the new layout DE and welcome back!!

MsNicolesWorld said...

The site looks great!!! And Im glad your back... I was starting to go through withdrawals!

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