5 Drugstore Products That Could Be Sold In Sephora

Hey guys, don’t think I’ve been lazy with my blogging. Not true, just been so busy, but I’ve missed you so much. But in the meantime, let’s compile our 5 Drugstore products that could be sold in Sephora list.

1) Caress Brown Sugar Body Scrub

This is probably one of my favorite body exfoliators. The granules aren't harsh at all, and my skin is super moisturized after. The scent of this is a delish vanilla as well. I love it.

2) Alpha Hydrox Souffle 12%
Alright mamas, as you girlies know, when you get zits, you hate them, absolutely want to get rid of them, but sometimes when you get rid of them, it’s worse than when you actually had them because you get left with those dreaded dark marks. Well the Alpha Hydrox 12% SoufflĂ© is probably one of the best things I've used to get rid of those dreaded dark marks. Literally marks that took months to go away, were gone in a month after I began to use this. It’s fabulous

3) Covergirl Lash Blash Length
Mascara is one of my obsessions, and this one has just been added to my makeup bag. I was obsessed with the original Lash Blash (you know the one in the orange packaging) and this one is fantastic too. After using this, I’m left with amazing length, and for $7.99, you should be trying this too.

4)Wet n Wild Bronzer
One of my favorite beauty bibles is Paula Begoun’s Don’t go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me. I love how she looks at all different beauty products, even the higher priced ones, and shows us that many of them cost less than $2.00 to make. Paula likes the Wet n Wild bronzers a lot, and I recently bought one in a hurry when my usual bronzer fell out of my purse and broke into a million little pieces. Anyway, I loved this bronzer. First off it’s $2.99, and the Bali Bronze really left my tan skin with a beautiful golden glow that lasted all day. I love it.

5) L’oreal Hip Eyeshadow

These eye shadows are my absolute fave in the drugstore. The pigments are so bold, and intense. You don't have to pile this on. The staying power is amazing, and they don’t crease. Love it


Anonymous said...

Hi DE,
Where'd you find the Alpha Hydrox Souffle 12%? I'm working on my hubby's mug:)
PS-I'm in the NYC area

The BeautyXchange said...

I totally agree with your first product, Caress Brown Sugar Body Srub, it is AMAZING!

Shadelle said...

I purchased the Alpha Hydrox Souffle from Ulta the other day. I have to say I am beginning to notice improvements. Thanks for the suggestion DE. :)

the beautynista said...

I was looking r that Alpha Hydroxy in Rite Aid the other day .. but they don't seem to carry it anymore.... : (

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