Avatar-Have you seen it?


This weekend, I saw Avatar with Mr. DE. What an amazing movie! Yes it's very long, but it is so worth it. The message of love and how powerful it is, resonates throughout the film. Nature, purity, respect for all cultures, greed, are all central themes of the film. Go see it. It's wonderful.
Also go see it, because this movie is breaking some serious records. On it's second weekend out it grossed over 75 million dollars.


By now, you guys know how proud I am of my culture, so I was very pleased that director James Cameron chose two of my fellow Latinas Michelle Rodriguez who shared her beauty secrets here on beautylogic and is a fellow Dominicana/Puertoricquena and Zoe Saldana another Dominicana are part of such a historic film. We're making history. You can read Michelle's beauty secretes here.

Have you seen it?

Did you love it?

Share your thoughts?





BonafideLatina~ said...

loved it loved it loved it! :)

very deep message in the film and the effects were beautiful!!!

Gigi said...

Ha it's so funny you mention this movie. I always find that actress Zoe somehow reminds me of you and your blog. :)

I went to go see it but it was sold out. Maybe next week. Can't wait.

Katrina Spencer said...

So jealous! Hubby and I tried to go see it but it was sold out! We're hoping to see it this weekend. Cool blog.

KMP Blog (Keep Me Posted) said...

Saw it and loved it! Power to the Dominican Ladies for representing! They did an amazing job! and they look amazing in this blog post pic.


Arie Rich

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