If you’re addicted to nailpolishes and manicures, by now you’ve heard about the latest nail trend. Minx. Celebs from Rihanna to Beyonce have been rocking this hot new look. But what exactly is Minx? It’s a polymer film of hotness that can be heat activated. I say hotness because Minx comes in so many unique and gorgeous colors and designs, you’ll be getting compliments everywhere you go. Anyway once Minx is heated, it takes the shape of any surface including your nails. I recently got my Minx nails done by celebrity manicurist TracyLee of the Fabulous Damone Roberts Salon in New York. (While I was there singer Estelle came in to get her eyebrows done by Damone.) Tracylee was actually the first person who brought this trend to New York, and I want to say a big thank you to Tracylee, because Minx will definitely be a part of my beauty arsenal.

The procedure is super quick. You start off getting a dry manicure (you don’t want anything wet on your nails because that can mess with the adhesion) and then Tracy heats up the Minx with a special bulb.
Photobucket (Tracy heating up my Minx)

There were so many designs to choose from, but I chose a feisy metallic red. It’s sexy and tis the season for red (and since I work for the news there was no way I could get away with a hot design.)


After Tracy heats up the Minx, she quickly but carefully applies it to your nail. The minx sticks to your nail, and Tracy expertly files it down and removes the extra minx from your nail. The whole process should last no more than thirty minutes but after those thirty minutes, you’re left with the hottest nails you’ve ever seen. Check my sexy hot red out !


I live in New York, and people are used to seeing fab and unusual things, but on the subway, I have never gotten so many compliments on my nails. I must have tried to explain Minx to around 20 women. Finally I just gave them TracyLee’s info and told them to call her. When I went to a party last night, so many people were loving the Minx. They are truly a show stopper. Now TracyLee says things that can interfere with Minx are lotions with tea tree oil, and shea butter. For some reason Minx does not like those two lotions, and will begin lifting off. Also, a good way to maintain Minx is every other day, blow dry your nails (remember minx is heat activated) and then just re-push the minx on to the nail again. Tracylee says Minx should last from 4 days to a few weeks, but her Minx applications have been known to last a lot longer. I love my Minx. You can Reach Tracylee at the Damone Roberts Salon on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays at 212-764-4755.


Nina said...

Those nails are absolutely hot! I think I would have picked that out as well.

vrtish55 said...

I think that's the most amazing nail product I've seen in a long time. Love Love Love the metallic red on you. Wish we had a close up view of all the colors already on nails. It looks like you've got your site problem fixed. Looks awesome! Waiting on next review. :) Thank you!! Happy Holidays!

Vanessa S said...

Your nails look fabulous!!!

Cinthia said...

how much for this service??

Tami said...

Those are hot! My salon had a minx happy hour but I want to see how long they last, the actual maintenance and get another review from you.

Christina said...

I love minx. Your nails looks hot mamas.

Marinka said...

I've never heard of this--that color is awesome!

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