Everyone Deserves Their 15 Minutes!


I don’t know what it is about Andy Warhol. I always say when I make it big one of the first things I”ll buy (after a house for my parents) is an Andy Warhol painting. It’s interesting though, because I’m not into art at all. But he inspires me. His Marilyn Monroe work is one of my favorites, and I can already picture it over my fireplace. (I have to remember to add that pic to my vision board.)


Anyway, back to beauty. I recently got a chance to try Lipstick Queens 15 minutes of Fame Lipgloss. Poppy King-the creator of Lipstick Queen loves Andy Warhol too, and these 15 glosses are inspired by him, and his belief that everyone would be world famous for fifteen minutes. The Fifteen shades are just beautiful bold pigmented glosses. None are shimmery, and none are sticky and even after I drink a beverage, I notice that the shade remains on my lips and reapplication isn’t necessary. My favorite shade is 2 minutes. It’s a beautiful shade of muave pink. Just stunning for tan skinned mamas.

Have you tried Lipstick Queen?

What’s your favorite Shade?

Do you love Andy Warhol?

I apologize for me not having new pics, but my camera’s usb isn’t working. I ordered one on Amazon-patiently waiting.




Calming said...

I do like Andy. I haven't tried this product yet. It is on my list.


Mets GirLL said...

I love Andy Warhol! If you ever get the chance to go to Pittsburgh, you MUST go to the Warhol Museum. I just drool there.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I have never heard of lipstick queen so thanks for the review.
Thanks for all of your great 2009 reviews and contests...

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