I love mascaras and a few of my favorites come from Lancome. Their Defincils has been my staple for years. Recently, Lancome wanted to know what I thought of their Hypnose Mascara and as usual this doesn’t disappoint. The wand is not that thick, but the bristles are definitely long and there’s a lot of them so they can catch each and every one of my lashes. After I apply this (2 coats) my lashes are super thick and just huge with volume. I love that this does not clump and I’ve had this mascara for close to two months now. In short, I'm really loving this mascara. Apparently this is Khloe Kardashians fave mascara too.

Have you tried this mascara?

What were your thoughts?

What's your favorite mascara?




Charlene said...

Honestly, I've only been given the wand to try at the Lancome counter, but I loved it so much I kept the wand and I use it now with my Oscillation that I won from you!! My oscillation has stopped vibrating now so this comes in handy but I used both wands as a combo which resulted in the best lashes of my life ever!!!!! The real thing is on my wish list for Xmas...I LOOOOVEE IT, it's easily my most favourite mascara and mascara wand! Cuz mostly its all about the brush/wand!

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