Hey guys, how was your weekend. New York City got hit with so much snow, it was ridiculous. By the time I left work Saturday night, there was at least six inches of snow on the ground. I tried endlessly to catch a taxi, but after a few minutes of begging taxi drivers to take me home, and them laughing at me, a New York city bus came to my rescue and I was home in 15 minutes. Ah the joy of New York City Transit.

Anyway, let’s talk beauty. Last week I went to a girlfriend’s party. For some reason the place was super hot, and after a night of dancing, spinning around, and just having a good time, my hair was a hot, sweaty, mess. So when I got home, I knew I had to do my hair the next day. You know DE can’t go out looking like she doesn’t care about herself. Read my post about that here. So the next morning, before I made breakfast, I woke up and decided to fix my crazy hair. I wanted to try a new product that I had heard so much about-MoroccanOil.


I know so many people that are obsessed with this stuff. They claim it’s saved their hair, their mama’s hair, their daddy’s hair (well, you get my drift). It has Argan oil in it, which I know is the beauty secret for Moroccan women and is an incredibly rare oil-hence the high price. The oil is loaded with a high amount of oleic acid which is a fatty acid that is great for your hair, but remember the product MoroccanOil also has silicones in it, (listed as the first few ingredients) so if you’re not into silicones, you won’t like this product.

Alright back to my hair venture. So after washing and conditioning my hair with my Giovanni and Aubrey products, I applied the MoroccanOil Hydrating Styling Crème all over it. It’s pretty thick stuff so I only used about a quarter size throughout my thick hair. Anyway, I turned on the hair dryer, and began blow drying. The first thing I noticed as I was drying was how insanely shiny my hair looked and how there was no static to it at all. Usually the blow dryer leaves my hair with a little static. After finishing drying hair, there was no denying it. My hair was shiny, not weighed down at all, full of bounce, and oh so gorgeous-very Pantene looking.

Do I like it? Sure do.

Have you tried it?

What's your secret for beautiful hair?




Anonymous said...

I LOVE Moraccan Oil! I got it in an Allure Beauty Box and it's my hair's BFF. It is a a little pricey BUT since you don't have to use much, I think it's worth it.

Calming said...

I haven't used Moraccan Oil, but I like to try new products. I use Coconut Oil on my hair. My hair dresser told me recently that my hair was becoming very healthy. She said it is due to my diet, the oil and steaming out in yoga. She said the steam is good for the hair.


the beautynista said...

You have to try the conditioner! Super-moisturizing.

Mischo Beauty said...

If this has your stamp of approval, then I've definitely got to try it! Everyone, and I mean everyone raves about this! Adding it to my list of products to try now!

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