Always Trust Your Women's Intuition


I work for the news, and lately all I’ve been covering is the Tiger Woods Issue. It is truly annoying and in my opinion a huge waste of news, but whatever. Anyway, this whole issue has me thinking of a post I did about a year ago. You can read it here. That girl and I are no longer friends, because she chose not to hear what I was saying, and told me she never wanted to speak to me again. But anyway back to Tiger. In my opinion, Tiger’s wife knew for years he was cheating. How do I know? Because let me tell you something, I'm sure she felt that women’s intuition. I’m sure of it. We all feel it when we’re being cheated on. It's that uneasy feeling in your heart that something just isn't right. But many of us choose to ignore it. Hoping that it's not true. I remember when I began to feel it with someone I was dating. He was doing nothing suspicious, but all of a sudden in my mind and heart something felt wrong. And lo and behold, I found out he’d been messing around for a while on me, but unlike Tiger’s wife, I kicked him to the curb.

Remember this, women are just as capable of cheating on men, as men are on women. We get hit on all the time by men. We can't walk down the street without getting hit on. So, if we are capable of not cheating, and are capable of not being selfish, why settle for someone who can’t do the same for you-Don’t!

As I always say “A man will only treat you, the way you allow him too.”

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BonafideLatina~ said...

Could not agree with you more!!!!

I work in media too (large TV network) but on the business side but still we see TV everywhere and I am just so annoyed that the media (specifically morning news shows) really think that reporting on this is real news. It's's their personal business!!!! UGH

I agree with the woman's intuition logic it is very true. I told had a similar situation and even when the guy acts the sane you just feel something weird going on...its amazing.

gg said...

great post! keep them coming....

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