Sade-Soldier of Love


Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this to you guys, but Sade is my favorite artist ever. I have a special relationship with Sade. When I was younger, my mom was pretty strict and the neighborhood I grew up with was pretty bad, so I had to stay home during the summer while all my friends would go out. I was super miserable, but hearing Sade’s voice always calmed me down and made me feel better. Since that horrible summer , I can honestly say I’m her biggest fan. I know every single one of her songs by heart and have every single album of hers on my ipod. Anyway when I recently found out she was releasing a new album after 10 years, I almost had a heart attack. Soldier of Love is set to be released on February 8, 2010.
Have you discovered Sade?
What's your favorite song?
If you haven’t, please do. My favorite song of hers is Cherish The Day.

Here is her new song. Do you love it?


Shadelle said...

I love Sade!
Im glad you enjoy her as well.
My favorite song is ... is.. well each and every song from her! lol I will be standing in line for her new album in February. :)

Charlene said...

omg my whole family loves her!!!! she is gorgeous too!!!! DAMN! and how gorge i sthat album cover??? must get it!

justicefigter1913 said...

I love Sade too!!

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