Arguing for Beauty & Sphatika Skin Care


Mr. DE and I seem to be arguing a lot lately about my beauty products. He seems to think because we share a bathroom that he can use my most prized beauty possessions. Normally I don’t care, but these two new products have made such a difference in my skin that not even the man that stole my heart can touch them.



Remember when we spoke to actress Anika Noni Rose and she mentioned Sphatika products. Well Anika had some amazing skin, and since I had never heard of Sphatika, I knew I had to try them.  Once I found out their spa was a few blocks away from my home, I ran over there and purchased some stuff and I am so in love now.

The two products  I got were the Sphatika Citrus Cleansing Foam, and the Sphatika Treatment Serum. The Sphatika line is a holistic line of beauty products. All of the ingredients are 100% natural botanicals.

Sphatika Citrus Cleansing Foam

First of all the facial wash is so luxurious. It’s a thick gel consistency, and smells so delish like a potent mix of oranges, and tangerines.  In the morning, I'm always super sleepy but the scent of this wakes me right up. This is such a gentle but effective cleanser. It's a natural mix containing pure aloe vera, grapefruit, lavendar oil and other essential oils,   It removes every single trace of my makeup, without being harsh at all. I hate cleansers that leave my skin feeling a dry tight mess. After washing with this, my skin feels so super soft and moisturized. I believe the citrus oils in this  also help with the lightening of my hyper pigmentation.   Mr. De, can’t get enough of this stuff.  He actually uses this as his shaving cream, and swears that it has helped control his ingrown hairs better than any other product. If he keeps touching my stash though, he'll be out on the street. (just kidding...sorta)

Sphatika Treatment Serum

After the citrus facial wash, this is just what my skin needs. I absolutely adore this product. Loaded with peppermint oil, tea tree oil, aloe vera, camphor, chamomile and other essential oils, this product leaves my skin (and Mr. De’s) feeling so incredibly refreshed. The product says you can use it as a makeup primer, and I’ve  been doing just that. My makeup application goes on like a dream , and this sinks right into my skin. Also, I'm noticing my t-zone which can get greasy, does not get greasy at all when I use this. I believe all skin types can use this fabu product. Mr. De claims that this product cools down the irritation of shaving and that's why he must use it. Well I tell him, buy your own stuff and keep off of mine.

Have you heard of Sphatika?

Have you tried the line?

Am I being greedy?

Check out for more info




Anonymous said...

OMG! My husband and I have product wars too:) I've started hiding my stash! I don't think it's greedy at all but it's good to know these products work on ingrowns...Mr. G needs help with that.

I'm hooked on Burt's Bees Radiance stuff but will grab some of this for Mr. I don't need face stuff *as he helps himself to mine:)

Anonymous said...

With all of the different oils in the serum will it cause me to become more oily than i already am?
Do you have combination skin?

Sphatika said...

The oils in the Sphatika Treatment Serum are essential oils of peppermint and tea tree and is the aromatherapy component. The serum has natural antibacterial properties and does not make skin oily. The Sphatika Treatment Serum is a great primer under makeup, and men also like to use it after they shave. It is also cooling and soothing for blemishes, burns, sunburns and mosquito bites. Please visit our website to learn about all the Sphatika products.

Anonymous said...

That citrus Face wash sounds so good. Will be purchasing this asap

Tami said...

I will look into this...another question. What inexpensive serums and moisturizers can you recommend. I'm on a strict budget these days so I need money saving products that work!

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