Happy New Year & Lots of Love


It’s a new year guys How did you spend it? I went to an amazing party on a rooftop, and then watched the Central Parks fireworks. It was lovely. While watching the fireworks, I reflected on life, and how wondrous it was. Isn’t it crazy how fast the years have gone. Ten years flew by. Life will pass by so fast so make sure that you are taking full advantage of it. Enjoy it, revel in it, be happy, make sure you tell your loved ones you love them, but most of all take advantage of your talents. Don’t be negative. Just believe your dreams will happen, and they will.

2009 you were great, but 2010 you will be even better-for all of us.

Hugs and love,



Gigi said...

Happy New Year DE!


BonafideLatina~ said...

Happy New Year!!! So true time DOES fly by!

Mets GirLL said...

This post made me so happy. Happy New Year!!

Wes said...

LOVE the new site girlie!!!!

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