Help Haiti!

There was no way  I could have talked beauty today. My heart is heavy. Heavy for Haiti.  Since I work in the news business, when the quake first hit on Tuesday, we were one of the first to get video of the damage fed to us. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was going to see. The images destroyed my heart. Children lay dead on the street, parents crying over their lifeless bodies. Children some looked to be as young as  two-years old wandering the streets aimlessly, crying and screaming, searching for anyone who could help them. Hundreds of people walking, the streets, many of them in horrible pain  shouting the names of their family members whom were either already dead or were missing. Buildings were completely flattened by the magnitude of this 7.0 Earthquake. Since Tuesday, the images have only gotten worse. I have many Haitian friends who are in despair. They have been calling Haiti, but to no avail. They have no idea whether their loved ones are  living or dead. Can you imagine feeling such despair? Such desperation? To not know if the persons you love are still breathing or not.

I implore you today to look into your heart, and help these people. This contry has always been poor, and the devastation of this quake, will only make their situation worse.
Contact your local Red cross. Here is the link Ask them how you can be of assistance. Wyclef John’s charity Yele has been a strong force in sending assistance to Haiti. Here is the website

But please don’t just stand here idle.





fantastic said...

i'm with you on this. i felt there wasn't much importance to anything else i had to say..whether it be on the blog, twitter, etc. thank you for doing something. i wish we could do more.

BonafideLatina~ said...

Definitely agree with you!!!! I don't typically like to judge but it is hard not to when I see people's statuses online (whether it is twitter or Facebook) as if things are normal...still with the 'this is what i am doing today' or 'i'm so mad that xxxx' status updates. Right now nothing should make anyone upset except the fact that this country of Haiti is suffering, if you are healthy right now and have shelter you should be grateful. Posts about keeping Haiti in our prayers and thoughts or anything else that is truly a positive message is what people should be more focused on. I would FEEL selfish writing anything online that is purely about me right now which is why most of my posts have been about spreading news on how to give back or anything positive or inpirational. But that's how I feel. I wish more people felt that way. People should give a Buck! lol

Calming said...

I totally agree. My father is from Haiti, I went there a couple of years ago. The situation was bad then. I do know that a lot went into perspective this week. Thanks for the post. Check out some pics on my blog.


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