Rosario Dawson Book Of Eli Premier

I’m a huge fan of the beautiful Rosario Dawson. Not just because I’ve heard we look alike –not sure about that resemblance, but hey, she’s gorgeous, so I’ll take it. But, because her first movie Kids was a movie that was extremely big in my youth, and I love the story on how she got discovered. She was just hanging out on her lower east side stoop when the director saw her star power. How cool is that? Why can't that happen to me? (Note to self: will hang out in front of my building all day tomorrow-hey you never know, lol.) Anyway, 13 years later, she’s a huge Hollywood star. Yesterday Rosario attended The Book of Eli Premier. I’m a huge fan of Denzel’s so you know I’ll be seeing that film.

I’m loving her gorgeous dress, and the gorgeous purple shoes that she opted to wear with the outfit. It just adds so much ooph to it. I also love Rosario because I feel like her makeup tastes are just like mine. I’m a makeup fiend, but I never over do it. Many times you can barely tell I have any on (but believe me it’s there). She always seems to have gorgeous neutral shades on, and it look so simple but  still so stunning.

Cheers to Rosario

Do you love her outfit?

Are you a fan of her makeup style too? 




BonafideLatina~ said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Rosario!!! She has such a great soul!!!!

I too like the fact that she always looks natural and NEVEr over does it! :)

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