It’s kind of crazy how cold it’s been in New York. I don’t remember temperatures ever being so low. The cold weather can definitely reek havoc on your skin, and on your make-up. When it’s too cold, my eyes began to tear up big time (looks like I just finished watching The Notebook). Many a times people have stopped me on the street, and asked me if I was ok, because seriously my eyes water up as if I'm going through a bad breakup or something. Since,I’m a beauty blogger/reporter, I try out different makeups each day so that if I like the product, I can recommend to you. After my cold weather tears, some eye makeups have left my face looking like a raccoon, and I’ve literally had to wash my eye makeup off at work. (I always carry eye makeup remover on me now) Other products laugh at the cold weather and even after my eyes have shed buckets of tears, my makeup still look flawless. These are five eyeliners that are truly waterproof. (I'm so tired of makeup products that say they are and aren't.)

Revlon Colorstay


Without a doubt this is one of my favorite eyeliners. When I cry, this product doesn't pay any attention to my tears, and stays put.

Urban Decay 24/7
One of my favorites, and the shades are so beautiful and pigmented.

Lancome LeStylo WaterProof

Love this, easy to apply, and my tears are no match for this.

Almay Eyeliner Black
I'll be the first to admit, I don't really use Almay products. But when a product says it will last 16 hours, I pick it up, and it does-even after I've been crying a river.

Milani 24 hour Intense Eye

milani 24 hour intense Pictures, Images and Photos
I've reviewed this before. Just Fab, and my tears don't event smudge on it.

What are truly waterproof items that you've tried?




Makeup On A Budget said...

I agree with revlon colorstay. That bad boy stays on my waterline even after I try to use a makeup wipe to remove. I usually soak a q-tip in olive oil and remove it that way. I've heard about the milani liners, I like their color selection. Great post!

M.J. said...

You read my mind. Thanks for posting this!! I went to Sephora in search of a no-smudge eyeliner, paid $18.50, and found the eyeliner still slid down my face
I'll try revlon color stay

Gigi said...

DE have you tried Stila's Kajal? I heard so many people raving about it, but when I got it myself, I Just could not use it. Smudges all over as soon as you put it on.:/ Wondering if it's just me.

Have you tried Mac's eyeliners? What did you think of it if so?

EsmiGarcia said...

H20 Proof Wet N Wild. (liquid)

That eyeliner is my life saver. I never used to wear makeup because nothing lasted on my face.

H20 Proof saved my life! I always look like a raccoon with other things! I admit I have never tried any of the ones you listed.

My only complaint is that since it's liquid I can't line my waterline (don't like that)

As a tip don't try Rimmel's water proof (it's not) or Loreal's Liquid eyeliner water proof (it flakes)

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