Arlenis Sosa, Lancome & Latina Mag and New Genifique Giveaway

Yesterday I had a lot of fun. If you haven't yet seen my girl Arlenis Sosa on the cover of Latina Mag, please go run out and purchase it. She looks stunning, and the article was great. Yesterday Lancome and Latina Mag partnered together to have a great event to celebrate Arlenis being on the cover and yours truly was there. Arlenis and I spoke for a few minutes, and can we just say that DE loves her to little bitty pieces. Such a sweet, and humble Latina who is giving back in a major way with her foundation. (DE loves good people!)


Anyway, besides Arlenis, I was in a room with so many other amazing and talented peeps from mega talented singer Kat De Luna (Angelica, are you so excited for me? That's an inside joke-keep reading if you're not Angelica).


  and friend to the blog,  my favorite makeup artist Scott Barnes who is always a lot of fun.

In honor of Arlenis and Latina Mag, and the  industry finally taking note of the beauty of Latinas, I'm giving away a bottle of Lancome's treatment serum Genifique. Just send an e-mail to saying "De I need Lancome's Genifique in my life" winner gets announced Friday.


What do you think of the cover of Latina?

Do you love it?




BonafideLatina~ said...

I've been a Latina Mag subscriber since college! I'm soooo happy they put Arlenis on the cover, very well deserved. The pictures, the fashion and the make up were perfect on her. I would so do a makeover inspired by her cover! hehe.

I'm glad that slowly but surely Latina is adding more brownskin latinas to their covers (Zoe Saldana, Sessilee Lopez and now Arlenis) they need to keep representing ALL shades.

Luxe Tips said...

I love the cover! She is stunning! But what I want to know is: what make-up is she wearing? I know it is Lancome but I need to know product names! She has gorgeous dark brown skin and I know the colors would look great on me also. Give me the scoop DE!!

Tiffany said...

She looks great on the cover, I don't think the magazine is available in Canada though :(

P.S I used the photo with you and Arlenis on my blog if that's ok I linked back to your blog. :)

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