Bebe Kim Kardashian Line- Backstage Beauty & Show Review!

 Photobucket Pic I took of Kim Backstage

If you follow my tweets, you know one of my favorite fashion week shows was the Kim Kardashian Bebe line. Everything seemed to work so beautifully together from the hair, the makeup to the collection itself. I was pleased throughout the whole thing.
So we’ll begin with the backstage preview. We’ll start with my favorite subject- hair. The head hair designer was Whitney Blischke. Whitney said the idea behind the hair was "effortless glamour." Kim's inspiration was this Elle Magazine cover and she wanted her models to have the same look-a soft natural wave. 

To create the look Whitney used Tigi Spritz & Shine from the catwalk collection and then set the hair with a 1 inch curling iron.
When curling, she wasn’t looking for a large amount of volume, she wanted more of a collapsed soft wave-which gave the hair a softer look. After the curl set, she would use her fingers to  comb the hair out to achieve natural looking waves, and set the roots with Tigi’s Dry shampoo and on the rest of the hair using Tigi Your Highness Shine Spray. Whitney says a huge trend is darker roots and lighter hair. By using a matte product on the roots (the Tigi dry shampoo) and the shining spray on the rest of your hair, you will be able to duplicate that look.

The makeup was gorgeous. It was reminiscent of the way Kim used to wear her makeup when she first came on the scene around three years ago. I asked Kim about that when I interviewed her, and I’ll let you know what she said after the run down. 
The head makeup artist Nathalie Bechard told us that the inspiration behind the look was the young working girl who works very hard during the day, but parties hard at night. The eyes were the main focus and Nathalie wanted to give the models a gorgeous shimmery smokey eye.The palette that was used to create the look was the Sephora Collection Colorful Artist Palette.
On the lid she used a pewter gray shimmer  and then used deep matte gray on the outer edge of the eye. Underneath the eye, they used Makeup Forever Aqua Liner in Star Black The mascara used was Makeup For ever Smokey Lash Mascara in Black and Makeup Forever Individual False lashes.


The skin was kept satiny to complement the smoky eye.  Products used were the Makeup Forever Hd Elixir,  Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup spf 10, Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch and Fresh Twilight Facefresh Glow. The lips were kept a simple nude. The products used were Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in MMMM, which is a gorgeous muted pink and Sephora Nano Lip liner in Candid Candy.
As I told you before, when I looked at the models, I was reminded of the makeup that Kim used to wear when she was first introduced to the world. A smokey eye and nude lip. I spoke to Kim about it before the show and she said that although we don’t usually see her with that style of makeup anymore because her makeup artist Mario usually always does her makeup, when she applies makeup on herself, she still likes to do a dark smoky eye, and a nude lip. (FYI, Kim in person is one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on, and super sweet, and her body makes me want to do squats every single morning. )


Anyway about the show. I loved loved loved it! I've already got my eyes and my cash set on 3 gorgeous outfits.

When Kim arrived backstage, I was in awe of her outfit.
A gorgeous gray sweatsuit with a sexy black leather corset added in the middle. How different! Who would have thought pairing those two together would have worked so well. It accentuated all of her best assets. I spoke to Kim about her line and asked her why had she decided to do it. She told me “ I always liked Bebe clothes and I always wanted to create a clothing line but I wanted to create something my fans could afford. My sisters and I all have different body types, so we created something that would accentuate all different types of figures.”
After looking at what she was wearing, I was excited as to what the show would bring and I wasn’t disappointed. There were a lot of grays and blacks in the collection with a few pops of color. The clothes are definitely designed for the confident, sexy, and feminine woman who loves her body in general (that’s me!). (Everything seemed to be pretty figure hugging).I haven't really been shopping at Bebe for a while, but now that this collection is in, I’m coming back. There was this stunning black stretch dress, that really caught my eye. As the model strutted down the runway, I won’t lie, I was already picturing myself in it and it was a great vision. Photobucket

This royal blue jersey dress with the double layered leather vest has my name on it.

All in all, I’m very impressed with the collection and can't wait to see a few of the pieces on me- lol. 

Have a great weekend!




BonafideLatina~ said...

great job on the KK post :)
Love the fashion also!!! I too haven't been to BeBe in a while but this looks like fun shopping to me!!! :)

enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

i would like her if she wasn't suuuuchhh a liar ahahahah. she does have nice makeup though i give the girl that!

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