I Hate The Snow & Loving Gabriel Cosmetics

Hey dolls, is it just me or is the snow just depressing. I don't ever remember there being this much snow in nyc. It's making me want to stay under the covers all day and watch Wife Swap (I love that show!).


Alright back to beauty. As I've mentioned before,  I’m trying to be a little more careful about the ingredients in my cosmetics.   Although I’m not perfect, I do want to start incorporating more natural products in my beauty regime-especially on my lips. Recently I was bored and ventured to my Whole Foods and started peeking through their cosmetic aisle. The amount of natural cosmetics now are crazy, and I’m so happy that I have all these options. One counter that I couldn’t get away from was Gabriel Cosmetics. This company was started by Gabriel Desantino. Growing up in Mexico he watched his grandmother make her beauty regimen from herbs, seaweed and kelp, and as he got older and into the beauty business, he realized that his grandmother remained ageless. So he started his company using only 100% natural ingredients.


Hot damn, the Gabriel Cosmetic lip glosses are so beautiful. My absolute favorite shade is nectar-a beautiful peachy pink shimmer. Incredibly pigmented, little flecks of sparkle, but not too much, and since I”ve been wearing them, I notice that these lip glosses have serious staying power.  They also all contain natural moisturizers like castor oil, shea butter,  Jojoba, aloe and chamomile  so when I put this on, my lips feel are so hydrated and moisturized. No chap lips with this! This product also does not contain any parabens, lead, and it has SPF 8.


I'm loving this.

Have you heard of Gabriel Cosmetics?



Anonymous said...

DE, thank you so much for this post and the fact that you are constantly looking for better, more natural products. As i become more & more healthy (working my way to being vegan/mostly raw) i find myself having a harder time using beauty & body products w/ terrible ingredients! The other day I was reading the ingredients on one of my lip glosses & i couldnt even understand what any of them were!!! They all started w/ "poly-this and poly-that" contained about 20 letters each and sounded like pretty sketchy chemicals! No wonder it always left my lips chapped! As we all know our skin is our largest organ and anything we apply to it is absorbed into our bloodstream, so...all those artificial plastic-y makeup products cant be good!!! however, I'm a lipgloss lover for life and refuse to give it up, so your posts like this help a lot! My health food store doesn't carry Gabriel Cosmetics but I will definitely hunt it down! I wont lie, some of the natural m/u products do look a little...natural...but i am shocked by the quality and pigmentation of Gabriel's gloss! I must have it! Thanks sooo much!!!


Nichole said...

Thanks for the review. I saw Gabriel cosmetics at Whole Foods, but wasn't sure about it because I haven't been wowed by "natural" cosmetics. I'll give this a go.I haven't tried myself but I've heard internet reviews that Hemp Organics lip tint is good.

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