Oils 101-Coconut Oil for Beautiful Hair

I always tell you guys, beauty should and could be affordable. My cousin who lives in a 1 room shack in the Dominican Republic, literally takes the coconut oil off of the trees and makes herself a hair treatment every week. Guess what, this girl who has no money, has hair that can rival any Pantene Models. As you guys know one of my favorite and most inexpensive beauty secrets is Coconut oil. For hair growth, hair shine, hair strength, you ladies know how much I love, adore, worship the ground coconut oil walks on. Why? Well one, I’ve seen first hand what application of that oil can do on your hair over time. I’ve seen dry damaged hair, turn to long lustrous shiny hair (yes I’m talking about mine and many other family members) There’s not much to say about the oil except it is proven to work by science. Here’s the link to the study. But I don't care what science says, the proof is in the pudding and in my case, "the pudding" is my hair, and let me tell you, my hair adores this stuff.  Obviously it’s made from the fat of coconuts. The high amount of Lauric acid is really beneficial to your hair and scalp.  If you have time you can actually make the oil yourself. Here’s a link on how to do it too.

Currently Tropical Traditions is the one I've been using:


Give your hair a good scalp massage with the oil about once a week. I guarantee you’ll see a difference. 

Although i've been using many coconut oils throughout the years, Tropical Traditions actually sent me theirs to try. 


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