Revlon PhotoReady Foundation


I'm a sucker for anything Halle Berry endorses.  I figure if I try anything she likes maybe I'll start to resemble her. Wishful thinking I know, but hey, you never  know. Recently while perusing the newly designed Duane Reade, I spotted a  Halle Berry Revlon Ad. As I stopped to stare at her beauty, my eye caught sight of something else-a new Revlon Foundation called Photoready. Now Revlon Colorstay in Caramel is one of my staples, so i decided to purchase this one and I'm really happy I did.

The first thing I noticed about this foundation was the pump.


Pumps are always a plus for me. I feel like you get a lot more control when there's a pump and it's just a lot more sanitary. I applied the foundation right after my moisturizer. (I'm loving a new moisturizer and will tell you which one next week.) The shade again was Caramel.


Now I totally had forgotten to apply my concealer because I was in a rush, but this gave me serious coverage, without looking caked on. My little hyperpigmentation marks were definitely not that visible after using this. I especially loved the longevity of this foundation. It lasted the whole day wtihout me having to re-apply and didn't leave my nose a greasy mess. It was also lightweight, and when  I took a pic with this on, my skin looked flawless. The price of this is great and I would highly recommend it.

Have you tried this product?


Tami said...

I really like the Revlon Colorstay in Caramel also! I'll try the other one as well. Are you using a blush or bronzer from Revlon?

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