Pump up The Volume With Tigi Catwalk Root Boost


Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Bebe/Kim Kardashian Fashion show. After the show we got a cute gift bag which contained Tigi's New Catwalk Root Volumizer. One thing I absolutely loathe is hair that is flat on the roots.   I have a big-head complex, so my thinking is, the fuller my hair, the smaller my head looks.  Flat roots just emphasize the largeness of my dome. No matter how many times I tell my stylist to give my roots a lot of volume, she still leaves me with flat rooted hair. It’s annoying, and I think I’m going to stop going to her. Anyway, the day before yesterday I decided to do my own hair. (Lately I’ve been doing that a lot,. I find my hair comes out a lot better when I do it. Also, I’m saving a few dollars which is always great.) I was going for twirled ends, and fab uplifted roots. I washed my hair and then I blew dry my hair for like 5 minutes before actually working on it.  FYI, Your hair should be around 60% dry before you start the styling process. I sectioned off my hair, and sprayed some of the Catwalk root booster to my roots. After I was done, my roots were looking fantastic, I could have sworn they had a mind of their own and were talking to me (jk). They were uplifted, volumous and my hair looked super full. (When your hair is long it can be hard to get the full-hair effect.) Anyway, here I am in my bathroom taking a pic (with a crazy face.).

I’m loving this stuff.
Have you tried this stuff?

If you haven't, you must!
What do you do to keep your roots looking full and lifted?


Sarah said...

What a great review! I've gotta try this! I have a few root boosters and they are nice but I'm always on the look out!

BonafideLatina~ said...

I am with you! It is always hard to get salon to make sure roots have volume...it gets annoying.

Glad this worked for you.

By the way, which blow dryer do you use/recommend?

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