Urban Decay Ink for Eyes


When I was younger my eyes were my dreaded enemy. Because they were so big, I was constantly teased and called "Pop-Eye," "Eye-popper, "and "Crazy Eyes."  However, as I grew up, I learned to love how huge they were and realized that eye makeup looked absolutely amazing on these peepers so I have become quite the eye-make junkie. 
Anyway, recently I got the chance to try Uban Decays Ink for Eyes in Binge, and let’s just say DE is impressed big time.
The packaging of this is pretty stellar. It comes in a cute rectangular box with  2 columns. One column contains a huge amount of product and the other one has a quality brush to apply the eyeliner. 


This  product applies  effortlessly. The eyeliner seriously last all day (even with my insanely oily eye-lids) and for $22.00 this aint bad considering it comes with so much product, and a great brush. Binge is a beautiful mix of purple/and dark blue, just stunning for brown eyes.

Have you tried this product?

What were your thoughts?




Natakue said...

That packaging looks really enticing! And I have to agree that purple is a great color for us brown eyed girls. I think I'm going to have to check this out myself!

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