Zoya Reverie Spring Line

How was your weekend loves? Mine was amazing. Fashion week has been fun, and on Saturday there was a great NYFW Media mixer where I met so many other amazing bloggers. During that event we received a great giftbag and one of my favorite things in the bag was the Zoya Reverie Spring collection. Now Zoya happens to be one of my most loved nailpolish companies for so many reasons. First of all, they don’t contain any really harsh chemicals like toluene, dibutyl Pthalates (pregnant women be very scared of this), and Formaldehyde. But their polishes seriously last over a week, and even with one coat, they are so pigmented and beautiful. Now usually I wait a few weeks to showcase items after getting them, but I just had to let you mama’s see this collection. These are six gorgeous metallic shades, and I’m loving them all!.

Laney-this is a gorgeous silver metallic that really reminds me of a full moon.

Happi-Probably  my favorite shade. A beautiful blush pink metallic. I love how the light bounces off of this one.

Adina-Named after a very sweet blogger. This is a gorgeous duochrome violet metallic.

Lana is a fresh shade and another one of my favorites. It’s described as a beautiful rich red metallic. Breathtaking!

Reece-a gorgeous metallic rose.

Gwin –this and Happi are my all time favorites. A beautiful and bright orange metallic. I love it, and it looks so good on a tan-skinned mamas


calming said...

I really love these colors. Excited for spring!!


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