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When I used to work in finance, I would get a facial at least once a month. Well those days are long over, and I hadn’t gotten a facial in a  few months when I decided to book an appointment at Soie Aroma. I had already heard great things about this place, and was really looking forward to going. When I arrived, I was met by Cecelia, the aesthetician, who warmly greeted me. She led me to her room, and we began what would be one of the best facials I’ve ever gotten.


 One of the first things I noticed about the products in Cecelia's room were that they all were Organic.


I like to think of myself as a natural product expert, but I hadn’t heard of any of these exotic items.  Some of the products came from a company called  Ilike, they are 100 %organic, made from real pulp not extracts. The line uses a lot of fruits plants and herbs. She also used Naturopathica, which is a holistic skin line made from herbs and plants, and Grapeseed Company.
Grapeseed is one of the best antioxidants you can use on your skin. I was so pleased that the products were organic and natural. After giving my skin an analysis, she began a Vitamin C facial, which is great for, dull, blemished skin, unclogging pores and anti-aging.

She  began the facial by gently cleansing my face with an Aloe Pomegranate Cleanser.

She then began exfoliation of my skin, using a gentle scrub with rosemary and poppyseeds. This exfoliant was so gentle, and I don’t know what she was doing with her hands, but it felt as if she was massaging my skin as she was applying the scrub. So heavenly! Then the peel process began using a fig and pear enzyme peel. She used this peel to open my pores and bring out the dirt for easy extractions.

De on the table (yes I"m wearing hubby's socks, don't judge, lol)

If you’re a facial lover like me, you know the worst thing about a facial is an extraction. Depending on your aesthetician, you can come out looking like someone kicked you in the nose, or you can look as if your nose wasn’t even touched. I’m so pleased to say that after she was done with the extraction, my nose was only slightly red, and that’s it. You really couldn’t even tell I had extraction done. This was one of the most gentle and effective extractions I've ever had. And she took her time making sure that there was not one blackhead left.

After that, Cecelia gave me a fantastic Asian pressure point and lympthatic massage all over my face. Cecelia tells me that a facial massage is extremely important for stimulation and circulation. (I give myself a facial and scalp massage every night to make my hair grow, and to stop the aging process.) Then Cecelia applied a Pomegranate and Vitamin C mask. While the mask was on, Cecelia began massaging my shoulders. This massage was so heavenly. I don’t know if Ceceilia is certified in massage, but I’ll tell you one thing, she was hitting all of my stress points, and my stress (and I’ve got a lot of stress) was melting away.

De in pure bliss

After that she applied a gentle rose serum for extra  hydration, and we finished off with a Vitamin C moisturizer.

Right after the facial I looked in the mirror, and was shocked. My skin was glowing. Yes glowing, and my face looked so clean it was remarkable. I just could not believe this facial. 

Soie Aroma Skin Care
215 Park Ave S
Ste 1304

(between 17th St & E Union Sq)
Manhattan, NY 10003
(917) 596-5206

I actually purchased this facial, and it was well worth it.

DE loves her readers and believes you deserve the best, I got one for you too. Just send an e-mail to beautylogicblog with the subject being DE, I need a facial too” Winner gets announced next Monday. I advise you to make an appointment with Ceceilia well in advance. The woman is so good, that she’s booked all the time.

Also, all beautylogic readers get Soie Aroma services for 20% off. Just mention the site.




Lauren@yahoo said...

your facial sounds amazing. I can only imagine how wonderful and relaxed you felt after.
I would love to have this facial.

lauuren@yahoo said...

FYI- the above post should be i.e. Lauren with 2 "u"s. sorry about that. (You can delete this)

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful..I wish you took a picture of your face at the end..

BonafideLatina~ said...

Sounds sooo relaxing! I too can relate w. the extraction comment. Im ALWAYS scared the will be too rough and leave scars. It happened to me at Mario Badescu out of all places...never again!!! Great review

april said...

what type of pomegranate cleanser did she use? was that by grapeseed??

Andrew Nordin said...

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Huge discounts fabulous services.

You have to be a member to shop the sales. Here is an invite code:

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