Braai Restaurant-Night out in New Yok

One of my  favorite restaurants in NY is Braai. Located in the heart of Hells Kitchen, which is an area full of great places to eat. However,  in a city that is full of restaurants, Brai is only one of two South African restaurants in the five boroughs. It's actually the only one in Manhattan. The other one is Madiba which is located in Brooklyn. Isn't that insane?

Braai is one of those restaurants that you have to go to if you visit the city.  This a great place for couples, as the place is super romantic, or if you're tying to make a great impression on a date.  The place is always dimly lit with soft South African music playing throughout. They had this beautiful South African mix of Sade's song Lover's Rock. Man I loved it! The decorum is beautiful with bamboo, on the ceilings, and authentic South African art throughout the restaurant.  

We've gone many times, and the service is always beyond expectation. The waiters are attentive, and always make sure we're taken care of.  Their authentic Lychee juice is my favorite drink, and when I used to drink Lychee Martinis, Mr. DE was always stealing sips. The food is beyond delicious. For appetizers we usually get the Venison, which taste absoutely delicious on a skewer with onions, and peppers.  Marinated in their specialty cape may sauce, this is one of the tastiest meats, I've had. Always cooked to perfection, tender, and tasty. They also serve you a tray with all their sauces, which include mango or apricot chutney, mint jelly, banana coconut, cucmber yogurt, dill mango (my fave) and mango coriander salsa.

I always get the same thing for dinner. Their Prawns Peri Peri. I love shrimp, and this shrimp is amongst the best I've ever tasted. The prawns are grilled in a delish peri peri sauce. Now although peri peri sauce is known for it's hotness, this sauce isn't that spicy. It's a perfect blend of spicy and sweetness, and I'm in heaven. The rice is basmati -saffron, which is probably my least favorite thing on the menu. As you guys know, I love to cook, and that rice just doesn't do it for me, but the Prawns Peri Peri rock my world.

Bottom line if you're looking for a romantic, unique and delish place to eat, try Braai It's so worth It.
327 West 51street
New york, NY 10018


Mischo Beauty said...

Add this to my list of restaurants to visit! Thanks for this. :)

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