Breaking up is hard to do

One of my girlfriends is going through a really bad breakup and I  spent a lot of this weekend consoling her. It brought me back to a post I did a few years back, so If you’re going through a breakup, read this.

I hope it makes you feel better.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I am going through a break up.. We live together I have to leave the worse thing for me with all of this it has made me realise I have no true friends, and my family are non existent. The only thing I am considering now, is if there is any point anymore..

beautylogicblog said...

OMG don't even think about if there is a point when it comes to your life. of course there is. Try to make new friends. Sometimes we get caught up in our relationships, that we forget our friendships-that's ok, you can still make new friends, get some counseling. Email me! I'll talk to you. But please don't say things lke "is there any point anymore" of course there is!

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