CoverFX Bronzer, Weird Habits & Winner of Facial.

How was your weekend girls? Mine was crazy. I worked in this horrible wind and rain, and sadly, an umbrella that I had just purchased last week was blown away by gusting and bustling winds. I tried to run after it for two blocks, (not an easy feat considering I had a huge bag of heavy books with me) but the wind prevailed, and after a while, I bid adieu  to that brand new umbrella and walked to work a soaked, annoyed mess.  (I had just done my hair with a great new argan oil product and the beauty of it was completely destroyed by the rain.) But, I’m alive, so I feel good!


After weather like this weekend, I can’t believe spring/summer is close by, but it’s coming. And it’s during this time that I really concentrate on my bronzer collection. Recently I got the chance to try Cover FX bronzer, in Garnet, and although Garnet is described as a bronzer, I do think it’s more suited as a blush, because it’s such a  shimmery, rich, baked, pink/brown shade. I must  discuss it because the shade is just so gorgeous.

I’d heard great things about CoverFX but had never tried them. The company makes products for sensitive skin, and their products are wax-free, paraben-free, oil-freee and fragrance-free (music to De's ears). When I first opened the pan of Garnet, the amount of sparkle kind of turned me off. I like to glow, but I don’t want to look like a solid gold dancer. However, when I applied to my cheek, the sparkle greatly diminished. The shade in my opinion is too close to a pink to be used as a bronzer, but as a blush, it’s just radiant. It gives my cheeks a beautiful, healthy, pink golden flush, and I’ve gotten more than my share of compliments when I've had it on.


Have you tried Cover FX bronzer?

Have you tried any Cover Fx products at all?

Ooh also, this week I went to a girlfriends house, and she served me some ice cream. It’s so interesting the weird habits we develop and don’t even notice. As I was eating the ice cream (dairy free because DE and Dairy have a hate relationship) she noticed that everytime I would put the spoon to my mouth,  I would blow on the ice cream as if it was hot. I never even noticed that, and what a discovery that was. Then I noticed, I did the same thing when my mom gave me some apple sauce the next day. Lol, Not sure why I do that, but do you have any weird habits?

Winner of Facial is Raaya Lewis. Raaya, please get back to me before 2 days or we'll have to give it to someone else. 

For those who didn't win book an appt with Cecelia anyway and say you're from beautylogic. You'll get 20% off and one of the best facials you've ever had.




Natakue said...

That color is really pretty! Where do they sell it?

As for weird habits, yours is pretty funny. =) I used to make sure I ate an equal amount of candies on both sides of my mouth, and if they had colors it got more weird. Like if I had a handful of skittles, I would need to eat the same amount of reds, greens, yellows, etc on each side. If I was left with one odd one out, I would bite it in half and eat each half on each side, haha! Yea, I had to stop that because I realized it was just crazy. =P

Esmi said...

OMG DE! I laughed so hard when I read about your weird habit!

I cant think of any weird habits, only that I cant stand the sound of licking or smacking... which is a pet peeve more than anything else

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