Don't Let Anyone Determine Your Self Worth Or Your Happiness

Recently I watched Wendy Williams interview Stacey Dash. If you've seen  Clueless you know exactly who Stacey Dash is. If you don’t know who she is, she’s a stunningly beautiful 43 year old actress who has not aged ever. (She can pass for a woman in her twenties for sure.) The woman is a vision. I’ve actually seen her in person, and she is 10 times more beautiful live than she is on tv. Anyway, she was on Wendy Williams show recently, where she dished on all her insecurities. She  talked about not feeling beautiful unless a man told her she was beautiful. She has not been single since she was seventeen, and used to sleep with men on first dates because she needed a man to define her. As I was watching this, my mouth was agape. For the last few years, Stacy Dash has been known more for her beauty, than for her acting, and she didn’t feel beautiful? I couldn’t believe it. She had insecurities?

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When Wendy asked Stacy about whose fault it was for the ending of her marriages Stacy said, “I say it’s my fault. I didn’t know who I was, so how could I know who you were. I was looking for the wrong things. I wanted them to define me. No one else can define you, you have to define yourself” Stacy aso admitted to sleeping with all her husbands on their first dates but she says now “The kitty is being held hostage.”

This was really sad to me.  I’ve noticed that many women I know give too much of themselves too fast to men. They are so wanting a relationship, that they believe by giving their whole self to a man too soon, it will make the man care about her even more.  (Sadly, that usually has the opposite effect.) The fact is confidence is key to winning in everything in life. Women, you must never ever let anyone determine your self-worth. It is so important that you feel good about yourself, because not feeling good about you, can lead to a path of serious self-destruction and heartache. We all have insecurities. Shoot, up until a few years ago, I was probably the most insecure woman on earth. But I found ways to make myself feel good. I woke up every morning, and told myself I was beautiful. Maybe this sounds corny, but I wrote love notes to myself, praising myself for things that I did. I asked good friends to tell me things about myself that made me special, (if they are your good friends, they will do this for you). I used to have serious insecurities about my legs and instead of lamenting over them, I worked them out so they could finally have a resemblace of a calf muscle instead of the chicken legs that I'd had for years. You must never look to someone to make you feel good about you. That is internal. No matter what anyone has told you about you, You’re beautiful. You’re amazing, You’re wonderful.Tell yourself that every single morning, and believe me, you’ll begin to believe it.

Don't ever let anyone determine your self-worth or your happiness.

What do you do to love yourself?

How do you make yourself feel wonderful?




Alana said...

Oh man. She is 43? Im getting old.

Charlene said...

i saw this one too, first of all i can't believe she is 43 DANG!!! she looks amazin'! Great post hunni!

the beautynista said...

WOW...truly a shocker. Damn Stacey....well, you live and you learn. So funny how I had that same issue with my legs....girl...FLACA ain't the word!'ve gotten a little better when it comes to my legs...but I'm not 100% there yet. Still a work in progress. Um, J.LO has issues with her legs too, namely her ankles!...LOL.

justicefighter1913 said...

Well said DE!

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