Make Up Forever HD Blush

Darn you Make up Forever HD Blush, why couldn't you look horrible on me! Why did you have to apply like a dream? Now my cheeks want three more shades of you, but my wallet is saying "Heck No." What a dilemma!

Blushes are an essential part of my everyday look. If I’m going for a more natural look, I’ll just pat on some blush, and some lip gloss and walk out the door. So you can imagine that my blush collection is pretty extensive.  I work for the news, and all of the anchors and reporters and  makeup artist on set swear by Make up Forever products and I agree with them. (Their hd finish powder is one of my staples.)  So when I recently heard that Make up Forever had launched a new HD blush, I had to have it.

First of all this blush will last you forever. It comes in a pretty small container only 0.33 oz but  all you need is a super tiny amount. Don’t even push the pump all the way down or way too much product will be released  There are 14 colors in the collection, but I got my hands on  #7 called “One Too Many.” It's described as being  peachy pink, but I thought it was way more on the pink side than on the peach side with no shimmer.  I don't always want a blush with shimmer. 

                                This is how much product is released after 1 pump. Way too much.

I tend to stick to more peachy colors but this really gave a beautiful flush to my tanned cheeks.  I like  to apply cream blushes with my fingers, (although you could purchase their brush to apply).  My fingers give me a lot more control of the product. When I first used this,  I put on way more than I should have because I didn’t realize with this cream blush, all you need is a very tiny amount. I loved how this blush seemed to blend right into my skin, looking so much like my natural flush, and this product lasts the whole day. After nine hours my flush was still going strong-and my face didn’t look greasy which tends to happen to me with cream blushes. Botton line, this is something you need to be looking at in Sephora. However, Make Up Forever needs to figure out a way to make the pump release less product. I found myself wasting a lot of this blush, and one thing I hate is wasting product especially when it's 25 bucks.


Have you tried this new blush?

What are your favorite HD blushes? 



Anonymous said...

Hey De,

In keeping with your request for blog ideas ;). Would you be able to show the products on your face, it would be a lot easier to see the beauty of the product.. : )...x

Phyllis Bourne said...

The moment you mention a blush you like, I'm all over it.

You haven't steered me wrong yet.

Gotta go, headed to Sephora!

Esmi said...

I haven't had the chance to try Make Up Forever, that color does look pretty though!

Luv ya DE!


Miss Jessica T said...

That color is awesome.

Mischo Beauty said...

Ok, everyone is raving about this blush! Check this out tomorrow! :)

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