Nothing like a crazy move but please stay tuned.

Wooh, I've had a crazy weekend girls.  I was packing all of last week and finally got to move into my new digs yesterday, but now I'm dealing with the nightmare of unpacking.

                                 Here's some of the unpacking that has to get done!

Anyway, my new layout, and everything should be up by Thursday.  Until then I'll be trying to organize my new place. But, we're having two great giveaways to unveil the new column, new layout and surprise news so stay tuned.

Hope you love it.

How was your weekend?

Mine was crazy. Packing and moving are no fun at all.




Vanessa S said...

I hate preparing for a move. You never know how much stuff you have until the time come. Good luck in your new place!! :-)

Esmi said...

Hey DE!
You're such a Super Woman, I can never say that enough lol!


Christianne said...

Hi, I just want to comment on the little celebrity collage you have on the right side of your blog. It seems like there is a Latina theme to the collage, but Vanessa Hudgens is not Latina, she is of (part) Filipina descent.

eva said...

My only problem with moving is deciding the things to keep and the things that will be thrown out. I love everything that I own thus parting with them is difficult. :(

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