Revolution Organics Freedom Lip Gloss

In my search for the perfect organic natural lip gloss, I’ve run into Revolution Organics Freedom Glosses. I really think the ingredients in my lip glosses are super important because I’m constantly licking my lips and ingesting them.  First off the ingredients of Revolution Organics Freedom Lip Glosses are 100% natural and 85% organic.  There are five shades in this collection.

The colors are  a little tricky. What they resemble in the tube, are not really what shows on the lips.   I tend to stick to more nude shades, and their shade “integrity”  is my fave. In the tube it’s a shimmer muave color, however, once applied to the lips,  it leaves a gorgeous peach nude finish. 

Then there's innocent. Innocent is a very light pink color, with a huge amount of shine. Not a lot of color on that one. Truth is a gorgeous reddish pink in the bottle, but when applied, it's a tone down muave on the lips.  Freedom a hot red in the tube, and an even hotter fiery red on the lips, and Vibe  is a beautiful toned down orange shade. Orange is huge for the spring. Also, the glosses are  loaded with vitamins and minerals and they uses jojoba oil, shea butter and aloe vera to hydrate. Do you realize this is like a gloss and  a lip balm in one? Can we say Halleluiah!!! This is also  free  of chemicals, mineral oil, petroleum, artificial ingredients and parabens and it last all day.

Have you tried Revolution Freedom Lip Glosses?

What were your thoughts?




Rai said...

Never tried them. They look a bit sheer though.

Ouidad Blog said...

I like Truth for the office and Freedom for a night out! Thanks for taking them out of the tube and giving us peak as to how they might really look on our lips. I wish the makeup companies would do the same thing in their displays.

Katie for Ouidad

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