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Yesterday on the subway, I spotted this girl who clearly had gone through an incident I went through two years ago. Obviously she had used a tanning cream that had left her with a Jersey Shore orange color. I empathized with her big time. I'm already a tan-skin woman. But during the summer, I like to become a Bronzed Goddess. Around two years ago, my brother had a huge birthday party. I was super excited. My brother is one of my favorite people on earth. Anyway, since I’m a beauty blogger, I’m always trying out  new product to tell you guys about it,  and a tanning company had  sent me their newest self tanner. They claimed that it would leave me with a  “Bronze Golden, Caramel Glow.” Well Holy Crap!  The pics on their  brochure were amazing as well. After I put it on, I was mortified.Words can't describe my face and how loud my screams were when I looked in the mirror and saw my image. I yelled, cried, threw myself on the floor, even begged my roomate to run to the Korean store to pick up some lemons so we could try to remove this horrible color, but after two hours of trying, nothing could get this orange shade off of me.  Here I am  that night. This pic doesn't show the true orangeness of the skin but you get the idea.

The product had sworn amazing results and I was left with a “tangerine glow.”I wasn’t going to go the party for fear of embarrassment,  but then I remembered that this was my brother's big day and nothing would stop me from missing it. So I held my head, and my orange skin up high, and walked into that party.  Of course my orange glow was the talk of the party, but hey, DE will never ever miss a family member’s special event for anything. Anyway, my brother  (biggest joker on earth) has never let me live down my orange skin of that night, and for a while his nickname for me was “O” for orange. Since then  I have stuck with 3 *(updated to 4) self tanners that I know work, but won’t give me the Jersey Shore Glow. I'll share them with you now. Always remember to exfoliate well before you use self-tanner. It’s a must or you will have streaky skin, no matter how well the tanner works.  

 Bath & Body True Blue Shade To Order

I reviewed this around two years ago, and still say it’s amazing. Doesn’t leave me streaky, nor orange, just with  gorgeous tan skin. The smell of this is not as bad as other self-tanners either.


L’oreal Sublime Bronze 

One of the better self tanners I tried. This truly leaves me brown, with amazing glow. However, this product doesn’t smell so great, so wait after you can take a shower to go out.

Clarins Self Tanner Gel                                                                            

If you're willing to shell out a little more moolah , this leaves the skin with a great tan, with minimal streaking. Better for overnight application though cause this smell aint pretty.

   St Tropez Tanner

(This is why I love my readers) OMG, I totally had forgotten about how much I adored St. Tropez Tanning. But one of my readers "Anonymous," reminded me of how amazing the results were.   I used it last year when I did my headshots and got some amazing and natural color. Thanks lovely reader. I def recommend this too.

Do you recommend any great self tanners?

Have you ever gotten an orange Jersey Shore glow? 

Have a great weekend.




Anonymous said...

I too, am a brown skinned latina, and I adore St. Tropez Self Tanning Mousse. It leaves the most realistic looking tan on my body but you HAVE to wear gloves when applying it and it's recommended you sleep with it on. BUT-in the morning you will look gorgeous!

Esmi said...

I have heard of St. Tropez too and all the amazing reviews! It's supposed to be similar to another 'St' that I can't remember, I think it's 'st. Moretz' or w/e

DE- you look beautiful.. Even in orange ;)

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