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I love reading about young socially responsible kids who are doing big thing with their time. Remember Leanna Archer, man that girl is amazing! Recently I got introduced to Ava Anderson products. This beauty line was started by, a 15 year old girl. 

Now in this age of technology that may not be a big thing, but what’s amazing and different about this teen, is the fact that her product line contains 100% non-toxic ingredients. Ava saw a report with her mother on a study about hazardous chemicals in the bloodstream of teens commonly found in cosmetics and skin care products and decided she needed to start a line with non toxic ingredients.. Isnt that incredible? You guy know how crazy I’ve been about my ingredients lately. After meeting Dr Oz a few months back, and him advising me to stay away from products with phthalates because of what they can do to little boy fetuses, I’m so careful about my skincare ingredient’s it’s ridiculous. 

I had to start using Ava’s stuff. I love the fact that when you go on the Cosmetics Toxicity Database and research her product, her stuff scores a 0 on the level of toxicity. That’s amazing and almost unheard of. Since I just started using the line, I won’t have a review up for another few weeks, but I wanted you guys to be aware of this amazing girl and her skin care line (especially if you're pregnant).



shellsea said...

I need a facial cleanser and moisturizer. Sulfates are drying out my skin badly. I'm going to check her out and see what I find. Thanks

Jill said...

Honeysuckle Flower Extract, when used as a preservative as with these products, is a highly processed and highly concentrated paraben extraction. From a biological standpoint, they are virtually identical to the synthetic parabens we already know are harmful. As of this writing, there is no available evidence to indicate a naturally derived version of a paraben is any less toxic for the body than a synthetic version.

For more information on this topic, search for Eliza Moriarty's article as published on the Organic Comsumers Association webpage.

Green Make Up said...

So glad you're liking the Ava Anderson non-toxic cosmetics, one of our guest bloggers, Shelly Coulombe, is a registered rep for Ava and she has just published an article on our green blog;

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