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There’s something you guys don’t know about me. I’m quite the soap opera addict. Well not just any soap, but one in particular-All My  Children. Growing up, I clearly remember my nine aunts  gathering around the television anxiously waiting for it to begin. I never quite understood why they were obsessed with the soap, until around a year ago when my work schedule changed to nights and all of a sudden, I found myself hooked on it as well. There is one particular storyline that I can’t get enough of- Randi and Frankie. If you don’t know about these two, you need to start watching. The character of Randi is played by the  beautiful Denise Vasi. The first time I watched her on screen, I swore to myself that I knew her from somewhere. I quickly realized I didn’t know her personally but from the countless modeling, commercials and tv series that I had seen her in. This stunning woman of Puerto Rican, Dominican and Greek ethnicity is literally everywhere, from Target ads, Disney Films,
 to being the face of Olay,  to also being in the new book,  Cosmo’s sexiest Beauty Secrets. When I reached out to Denise and asked if she would share her beauty secrets with beautylogic readers, she was more than wonderful. I’d like to thank Denise for being so sweet, and for giving beautylogic readers the inside scoop on her beauty regime so without further ado, let’s meet Denise Vasi

What is your  beauty regime morning and night? 

My morning regimen starts off with make up remover called Bioderma Crealine TS H20 to remove anything I may not have gotten off the night before.  This is the most amazing makeup remover. It’s like water, doesn’t irritate the skin, contains no oils and works like magic. There was a point you could only find it in France or the French occupied islands, but now I’m pretty sure you can get it online. Then I use a cleanser, usually Olay facial scrub and follow it with L’oreal Hydra Renewal moisturizer. This product is just as good as high-end brands. At night its pretty much the same steps but, I'll use a facial cream made specially for night called Emergin C (d-red strengthening balm). I must be truthful I'm really bad about taking off my makeup. I try and keep my routine minimal. Wash and go. I love simple products like Cetaphil.  Skin is genetics!!!

What’s your makeup routine? 

I keep two makeup routines. One I call “The Quickie” which takes no more than ten minutes. I use L’oreal’s True Match Concealer, a splash of color on the cheeks with my Artistry Timeless palette, some  Maybelline Great Lash Mascara or Anastasia mascara and some Lancaster Infinite Bronze Lipgloss.  Then there’s the  "Full Routine." Basically that’s more for evenings, events and special occasions. It includes my Armani Foundation, L’oreal True Match Concealer,  some eyeshadow from my Artistry Timeless Palette. ( I love color on the eyelids) Two coats of mascara, blush from my Artistry Timeless Palette, a little bronzer, powder to set and lastly lip gloss like my Mac varneesh.
What piece of beauty advice can you give us?

Buy products that you can use for an array of purposes. I have this amazing palette from Artistry. It has 4 colors from a nude hint to burgundy. I use it for my lips, cheeks, and lids separate or all together. A product like this is worth it because of the multiple uses you can get out of it. 

What's your hair Regime?  

I use  Remane Sidoine color retention hair shampoo/conditioner/mask . Warren Tricomi makes a great hair serum I use it when I'm doing my straight hair look and Mix Chicks for when I'm going curly.
What’s the best piece of advice you can give us?

A journey of a million miles begins with one step.

Check out  Denise on All my Children, and make sure you follow her twitter page.

Thanks Denise for being so wonderful. 

Big Hugs to you, 



The Anti Hair Slave said...

No questions about hair care? I'm dying right now!

beautylogicblog said...

I'll ask her right now. lol

Anonymous said...

Wow, she is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. Is she single?

beautylogicblog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lizbeth said...

Jesus, she's so pretty. Look at her eyes. I can't stop looking at her and I'm a female.

beautylogicblog said...

@lizbeth yes she's stunning, and a really wonderful person too.

fiona said...

she looks like vanessa williams. whats up with the hair deets de?

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