Foxy Fit Mommy-Pregnancy and Awkward Conversations on Street.

I’ve noticed a few things while pregnant. Besides the weight gain, mood swings, and exhaustion, I also seem to be having the most awkward conversations with people on the street.   This weekend alone, there seemed to be a lot of them.

Time: Around 11:00am
Setting: Midtown Manhattan-Walking to H&M to see if they have more of their garden collection.
Man on street (around 30 years old, holding a disposable camera):" Hi there, you"re beautiful, I’d love to take pics of you and your belly." 
Me: "Oh cool, do you have a card and a portfolio.My husband and I were looking for a maternity photographer."
Guy: "Nah, I’m not a photographer, I just want to take pics of you. Don’t bring your husband along."
Me: **blank stare**

Time: Around 2:00
Setting: At restaurant I go to about twice a month waiting to be seated with girlfriend.
Me: "Hey there, seating for two please."
Waitress smiling looking at me: "Hey, I didn't know you were pregnant. Why didn't you say anything"
Me: **thinking, i don't even know you** "yea um, 7 months,"
Waitress: "I can't believe you didn't say anything last time you were here."
Me:*confused** Um, sorry, you'll be the first to know when I'm pregnant with my next one. "
Girlfriend to me: "I didn't know you two were cool." 
Me: **giving her confused look** "I didn't know either. "

Time: Around 1:00pm
Setting: 1 train heading downtown
Old Woman staring at my belly(about 80-90 years old) "Oh how sweet, how many months pregnant are you?"
Me: smiling: "Seven months"
Old Woman:  "Seven months? Oh that’s so cute, Are you kegeling?"
Me: (red faced, blushing) "Am I what?"
Old Woman: "Kegeling?"
Me: *not knowing what to say ** "um,um""
Old Woman: "you know that's what keeps the relationship hot and spicy after the baby."
Me: **blank stare**

Work around 9:30pm
Woman at work: "How many months preggo are you?"
Me: "Seven"
Woman: "Seven? You can barely tell."
Me: "Yea he’s a pretty big boy though."
**Turning around to leave.**
Woman: "Damn I see where all the weight went, your butt is bigger than your belly.""
Me: **blank stare** but then **proudly smiling at my new kim k booty**

67th and Lex around 5:00pm:
Setting: Sephora
Sephora Girl: "Aww you're pregnant. I didn't know. i can tell you're having a girl."
Me: Amused "Really, sonogram says I'm having a boy."
Woman" "Oh no honey, I can definitely tell. Your nose looks like it's gotten a lot wider.  That means its a girl"
Me: **cursing her under breath**

Did anyone ever ask you anything weird while you were pregnant? 

I got a few reminders about the morroccan oil giveaway. That will be up tomorrow. I want to take pics of the product but I loaned my camera to my girlfriend, she's bringing it tonight. 




Natakue said...

Haha! Wow, I can't believe all of this happened in one weekend! I loved the old lady encounter the most =)

shellsea said...

You sounded so naive with the "photographer". No husband, just you and the belly. LoL Too funny.

No wonder the baby is practicing his karate moves, too many weirdos out here.

beautylogicblog said...

Shellsea, lol, i asked for a card and a portfolio. my friend got photographed by an amazing photographer who she met just walking on the streeet. She checked his work out once he gave her his card, and it was beautiful. Her photos were beyond amazing.

Natakue, yea this was last sat and sunday. It was full of crazies. lol

Charlene said...

oh geez....isnt it funny how ppl think they can just tell you practically the first thing that comes to their lips when ur pregnant? so ridiculous lol...u def start practicing patience and tolerance from before birth lol

Shadelle said...

This is HILARIOUS! omyyy please submit these stores to the Reader's Digest. I laughed so hard.

Jai said...

I don't have any conversations that were bad but I always hated when people touched me. Like random people I don't know or work with but we weren't that cool. I never understood why people think it's ok to touch a prego's belly.

Nikia said...

Get ready! That's just the tip of the iceberg. Wait until people stare at you and the baby (while ignoring your wedding ring) and ask "So is the father involved?" or "When were you planning on losing that baby weight?"
(insert hormone induced, sleep deprived bitchiness)

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